In-game ‘Heavy Rain’ Footage, It’s Soo Real


If you’ve ever played Sammy Sosa’s High Heat Baseball, the saying “It’s Soo Real” would ring a bell.  But honestly, ‘Heavy Rain’ looks to be the real next-gen console game.  I can’t stress how detailed this game looks right now and if the developers concentrate this much attention to the rain drops and the sheen it leaves on the face, imagine what else they will do.

Yesterday, I previewed the screenshots showing off some great angles of ‘Heavy Rain’.  Today, I present you the trailer.  The in-game trailer mind you.  So everything you’re watching will be playable.  Oh yeah, only for the PS3 :p.

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  1. […] that this game, Heavy Rain, will exhibit the true CPU power the PlayStation 3 has to offer.  With details and special attention focused on the graphics, only time will tell and these screens offer the evidence we need to prove […]

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