inFamous Arrives Earlier Than Expected, May 26th


Set for a original launch date for June, news broke this morning on the PS Blog that inFamous will make it’s highly anticipated debut of May 26th. While this news is not all that shocking, because the title was originally pushed back to begin with, what IS surprising was a confirmed date BEFORE their originally annouunced date.

It seems most publishers grasp onto a date as the very last chance to work out all the bugs.  While May 26th is the official US release date, the game must be in production way before that and shipped to retailers.  Why bump it up a month?  Maybe it’s been in “bug testing” mode this entire year (2009).  Nevertheless, Sucker Punch has promised to blow all of us away with inFamous.  The PSN trailers alone have done just that thus far.  And with the demo hitting the PS store on May 21st, only time will tell.

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One response to “inFamous Arrives Earlier Than Expected, May 26th”

  1. Daniel Perez says:

    My money is on the fact that they would have been going head-to-head against Prototype, which is a game that’s very similar to InFamous (or is InFamous similar to Prototype). Either way, getting a game early is never a bad thing.

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