7 responses to “Resistance 2 Gets Release Date”

  1. Carlos Macias

    Funny, that the same date has been up on GameStop
    and various release date lists for a while already…

  2. Ariel Otero

    yea tell him man i knew about this since umm that day before this came out

  3. Juan Perez

    yeah but was the word Official used like I used it. I take my Official Release dates serious here at Kezins.com. I just don’t throw it out there like an Official Release date whore.

    @ Ariel, I’m glad you were chosen that purple tentacle avatar. I have a feeling you resemble him quite a bit, teeth and all!

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  5. Ariel Otero

    oh shit u got me that was good man, good thing yout writing skills paid off u got me good man lol

  6. Juan Perez

    oh yeah… (tumble weed)

  7. Ariel Otero

    damn u got me again ur amazing there buddy, too good too good

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