Resistance 2 Gets Release Date

Wonder what happened to Nathan Hale?  Find out on November 4th!

Coming to a PlayStation 3 console near you, Resistance 2 has an official release date.  We’ve seen previous screens and gameplay, so there’s no doubt that the 2nd wave of Chimera will be a hit!  For $59.99 you can pick up yourself Resistance 2 and experience Nathan Hale’s quest as it begins in good ole San Francisco.

Looking for the upgrade, the special edition priced at $79.99 comes with added benefits:

  • Copy of Resistance 2 with special edition cover artwork.
  • A double-sided art book covering “war-torn America from two unique perspectives.”
  • A bonus DVD with a behind-the-scenes video, a preview of an upcoming Resistance 2 novel, a Resistance chronology video, and a digital copy of issue #0 of the Resistance comic.
  • An exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith multiplayer weapon skin.
  • And last but not least, a Chimera Hybrid action figure created by DC Unlimited.

Multiplayer and the aspect of the game I’ve been looking forward to, co-op, will have a beta session in October.  Here are the 3 ways to possible be selected:

  1. Pre-order Resistance 2 from a participating retailer
  2. Purchase Qore episode 3 (annual subscribers already entered)
  3. Apply for the beta at Insomniac’s official site, but there’s no guarantee your name will be picked.
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7 responses to “Resistance 2 Gets Release Date”

  1. Funny, that the same date has been up on GameStop
    and various release date lists for a while already…

  2. Ariel Otero says:

    yea tell him man i knew about this since umm that day before this came out

  3. Juan Perez says:

    yeah but was the word Official used like I used it. I take my Official Release dates serious here at I just don’t throw it out there like an Official Release date whore.

    @ Ariel, I’m glad you were chosen that purple tentacle avatar. I have a feeling you resemble him quite a bit, teeth and all!

  4. […] the announcement today of Resistance 2 being released November 4th we quickly looked at our “Release […]

  5. Ariel Otero says:

    oh shit u got me that was good man, good thing yout writing skills paid off u got me good man lol

  6. Juan Perez says:

    oh yeah… (tumble weed)

  7. Ariel Otero says:

    damn u got me again ur amazing there buddy, too good too good

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