Jack Black Tries To Watch His Figure In Brutal Legend Promo


In an attempt to spread the word on Jack Black’s latest movie (game, whatever), Jack Black himself has been doing some serious working out as of late.  To go from a six piece chicken nugget meal, a western bacon cheeseburger, and a large chocolate shake down to a four piece chicken nugget meal, a JUNIOR bacon western cheeseburger, and a small chocolate shake is one hell of a transition (you’re welcome Tenacious D fans).

In Jack Black’s first ‘Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black’, we find out Jack has not only been working out to a ridiculous extent, but he’s also been taking some enhacement drugs to help shape his body into one that could perform some of the stunts that will be in Brutal Legend, the movie (game).

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Yeaaa, I cannot picture him thin. It is like when that Seth guy from Pinapple Express lost weight! Not the same! I heart Jack, rolls and all! Don’t ever change Jack, do you hear me! Don’t you ever change! *Tear

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