Katamari Forever Gives Katamary Franchise 1080p Graphics & More


Katamari Damacy is one of my hidden, guilty pleasures. The game has a pretty simple premise: roll up anything and everything that you lay your eyes on.  In the past, Katamari Damacy games weren’t the most visually stunning, but we looked past that minor detail since the gameplay was so addictive.

Katamari Forever for the PS3 will bring Namco Bandai’s beloved game into the HD world by supporting full 1080p graphics.  Not only that, but the game will allow you to roll things up on a much grander scale.  You thought rolling up buldings was cool? Imagine rolling up entire continents and planets!

Now all I need is a 1080p HDTV so my eyes can fully enjoy the goodness of rolling up people, who wail their arms and scream bloody murder while I roll them up with my gigantic Katamari.

Check out the trailer after the break

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