Keep ’em coming, New Bioshock 2 Teaser


There’s no doubt that Somethinginthesea is trying to tell us something.  Over the past couple of days, we’ve seen more “clues” on the site, that lead many people to believe there could be a Big Daddy = Big Sister sighting.  There’s also several hints showing us “red lights” in the water.  Could it be blood?  Could it be an alien spacecraft?  Red dye #2?

The pic above remind us that there IS some sort of pattern.  I haven’t picked up on it yet, what do you guys think?

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  1. It looks like the Big Sister is probably one of the older little sisters from the original game. Or maybe Tenanbaum…wait, no. But that older litte sister suited herself up for travel in order to cross the seas and kidnap new little sisters. That the “Big Sister” is one of the first rescued little sisters.

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