Killzone 2 DLC Coming Soon

Killzone 2 News has been all over the web.  Why? Because of all the positive reviews it has received.  Sony’s upcoming FPS, Killzone 2, WILL have DLC, and here’s what and when you can expect it.


TITLE: Killzone 2
PUBLISHER: Sony Computer Entertainment America
DEVELOPER: Guerrilla
GENRE(S): First-Person Shooter
RELEASE DATE: February 27, 2009

The developers behind the futuristic FPS, Guerrilla, have not given an official announcement of DLC, until now.  Mentioned in an interview with is reporting that “soon after” Killzone 2’s release date, we can expect DLC.  What can we expect? The rumor is that new maps and character skins may be in the first batch, with something more significant – like extra weapons and even new gameplay modes – will drop on a slightly later date.  After playing the demo, and changing the controls to resemble COD5 (Alt. 2) I’m excited to play the single player.  Let alone the multi-player is another aspect I’m anticipating.  And now tell me there will be DLC shortly after??? Killzone 2 Overload!


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