13 responses to “Knights of the Old Republic 3 Coming Soon, LucasArts and BioWare working on MMO”

  1. Anna Peterson

    I wonder if another Star Wars MMO will finally completely destroy Star Wars: Galaxies.

  2. Juan Perez

    Surprisingly, many Star Wars fans still play SWG. Even after the complete re-haul, I tried it. But after a long month, I found myself asking… “Why am I paying for this.. again?”

  3. Skyerel

    Oh gawd. A KOTOR MMO would be awesome.

  4. Darth Reven

    oh god,
    there going to ruin KOTOR.
    honstly how in the HELL are you going to perserv the rich storylines and realistic playablity that made kotor what it is. trust me i’ve played every fucking MMORPG on the market (and enjoy many of them) but it isn’t for kotor TRUST me. the problem being that regardles of how you slice it the same players wont always be on at the same time you CANT succsefuly inqurprate a storyline into a rpg (without it becomeing so guided through AND cheesy by other players).
    at least i can concsole myself with the fact that this allged “interview” was spoofed and there wont be a KOTOR mmo

  5. Will Snizek

    I’ve heard that the interview was faked as well, so we’ll just have to see. They are working on two MMOs though and refuse to name the 2nd, so I still have to wonder. An MMO would totally ruin the story and flow of KOTOR. I’d love to see KOTOR 3 be basically the same type of game with new abilities, updated graphics and maybe a longer story.

  6. J Kirk

    But i dont get it, do they think they’ll make more money off of it if its an MMO or something?

  7. Will Snizek

    I think they’d make a lot less. I guess we’ll find out soon what the real deal is. It looks more and more like the MMO rumor was false, but I’m surprised the developer hasn’t come out and said anything of substance.

  8. J Kirk

    Yeah, i am too…it wouldnt be too hard to actually confirm something about the whole thing…8 more days till TFU comes outr to keep us occupied until they actually say something..

  9. Will Snizek

    TFU will certainly be a nice day. Of course I couldn’t get a review copy so I’ll be in line with everyone else. Don’t expect too many posts on the site that day :)

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  11. dessed

    thanks LA. I will not buy this game now. You just killed the series by making this a MMO. Like there’s not enough of them out there anyways.

  12. Darth Vezz

    it really doesnt matter i want KTR3 2 cum out but not azz a MMO it wont really fit right da story now and if itz only dat u b running round wit different pplz everytime u get on

  13. J Kirk

    I read in Game Informer that the MMO is set 300 years after KOTOR 2…so do we find out what happens to Revan, Bastila, and all the others, or what?

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