Kobe Bryant is your new Cover Athlete for NBA 2K10


The NBA Finals begin tonight and one of the runner ups for MVP, Kobe Bryant, will be the cover athlete for 2K’s Sports, NBA 2K10!  We’re happy they didn’t go the route of featuring two athlete’s unlike EA Sports’ Madden 10.

#24 – Kobe Bryant is a hall of famer, so there’s no surprise to see him on the cover, but what does surprise me is his change of number.  Wasn’t he #8 at one point.  Can someone change their number?  Is he trying to say that he’s 1 better than the great Michael “Air” Jordan?

2K Sports is known for their great attention to detail, especially on the hardwood court.  Who do you think should’ve been NBA 2K10 cover athlete?

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2 responses to “Kobe Bryant is your new Cover Athlete for NBA 2K10”

  1. Lexi says:

    He changed his number a while ago. The year Drew Bynum came. It’s been a while, haven’t you noticed? I think he changed it when his style of playing changed and he grew up and realized his role is to make his team better so they can all win. I love the number 24 Kobe the best.

  2. Derv says:

    Dwyane Wade

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