Kratos Voice Actor from God of War Series is…


God of War III will be an amazing game.  We know this from gameplay footage to screenshots we’ve seen over the past couple of days.  So why not know the man behind the voice.  We all know Kratoss’ voice is an unforgettable one once heard but I was as surprised as you all will be by the following video.  God of War III star, Kratos, is voiced by someone you may know.  I’ll give you all a hint.  He’s “Living Single”.

The Answer… It’s TC Carson from the TV series “Living Single”.  Hah, the hint was the answer but it probably left you confused.  Whatever… The video did give me a chill on my arms once I heard the actor quoting the famous lines, that I’m only used to hearing from the CGI version of Kratos.

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4 responses to “Kratos Voice Actor from God of War Series is…”

  1. knight28 says:

    I always liked him as an actor. And to have him do the voice work for that game, that character is just phenomenal

  2. juniorphreak says:

    He also does the voice of Mace Windu on the Clone Wars animated series. TC is a cool dude. I still love watching him on Living Single.

  3. car covers says:

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  4. […] TV series, "Living Single." Check out a video of his voiceover work for Kratos over at Perez Start , and you'll see how well-suited he is to this role. Can you imagine Kratos with a different […]

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