Leaked GTA IV images? Revisited, 2 years later…

So it’s almost two years later (06/22/2006), and those “leaked” GTA IV images have quietly been brushed under the skull and crossbones welcome mat. Well, I’m taking em back, I’m taking em all back (the comments that is). When I first discovered the image, I thought “Wow, a ball and chain weapon”. But I always questioned whether the female character in the image was GTA IV “qualified”. Now the idea of playing as a woman would have been cool, but I do think many males have a problem playing as a female. I definatley could have seen “Nikita” (female for Niko), taking out some pepper spray from her Louis Vuitton and kicking the authorities in the family jewels. Isn’t that the way all female characters fight? Oh yeah and nail gauges.

Now my rant on the pic, is not a male vs female one, but “Where did the pic come from?”. I’m sure I’ll get flamed, or praised for my above comments but back to the reason for the post.

People claimed this image was a hacked version on GTA San Andreas for the PC. With the “Hot Coffee” mod that went around, hacking nerds alike wanted to create a new controversial pic, and what better way than to say it’s a leaked image from GTA IV. My question to you, our faithful readers (both of you: Wife and Brother) is this picture just a pure hoax or is it a clue to some downloadable content ‘DLC’, that awaits every NextGen Console Gamer?

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  1. All of it seems like realy early place-holders, nor hacked SA neither DLC contender… i guess the guys at the testing department asked for the character to be female as they would have to spend a few years with this babe (before porting to more final models)

  2. This is purely a hoax. At the time the picture was “leaked” there is no way they could have gotten that far with the game. It looks too polished. Also, it has a number of logical mismatches: The character is too big in comparison with cars and buildings, the colors are unusually bright, the weapon is a tad comical (medieval), the minimap serves no purpose, as its a 3d rendition of the surrounding world (which is what the whole screen is too!).

    It’s clear that a lot of work was behind it, though.

  3. i dont think its neiter. i think it looks more like a modded version of Vice City than anything else. it definetly isnt next-gen. plus look at the on screen display, they exactly match that of Vice City. even the cars and environment look closely like a modded Vice City. i think i remember when this pic was leaked, but i never really looked at it to notice these things. im going with it being a hacked Vice City.

  4. No, the image is a mock-up that OPM UK made. It’s referenced in one of the early mags where they apologise for any trouble they’ve caused R*.

  5. im surprised that not a lot of people seem to know where this picture came from…. well ill tell you where it came from, it came from a brittish playstation magazine, it was either play or psw, i can’t really remember but it was one of the two. they basically hired some designer to make a fake picture, then they went to print with it, printed under rumour, then the following month there was an article in the magazine about how easy it is to believe something and went into some detail of exactly how they made it and made it believable

    so erm, not gonna happen

  6. These were fakes. With the way GTA IV turned out, that should be obvious.

  7. Nikita is a mans name, think Khrushchev.

  8. Dont know about this one but i remembered seeing another one where it only showed a street corner and couple of parked cars. It looked very realistic. I can’t seem to find that one. Do u remember that ?

  9. It’s a hoax. Gamesradar did an expose on the fake screenshots of GTA IV, and they proved this one to be fake. The model is from Poser.

  10. The shot first appeared in the UK PlayStation magazine Play. It was commissioned by them to start a rumour in order to write a feature on rumours the following month.

  11. if it were true.. and playing as woman would be cool but the sex
    scenes would be a problem .u dont want to be the woman in that

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