LittleBigPlanet Keys, USA Today gives away 15,000

In a great way to promote LittleBigPlanet, USA Today is handing out 15,000 LBP keys.  We tell you how to get them below.

The very easy instruction to receive your LittleBigPlanet Beta keys are below:

1. Send an e-mail over to

2. Enter “LittleBigPlanet Beta” in the subject line

3. Then they’ll send you a code.  While supplies last.

Via PS3Fanboy

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3 responses to “LittleBigPlanet Keys, USA Today gives away 15,000”

  1. Thanks! Got one almost immediately 🙂

    Surprising to see that USA Today got a
    boatload of codes, while the “gaming
    press” only received a few, in comparison.

  2. Juan Perez says:

    np, i was surprised too. i guess with the beta closing on sunday, they were giving these things away.

  3. Juan Perez says:

    anyone else get a key?

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