Lost Planet 2 Releasing May 11th; Multiplayer Demo on XBL & PSN Next Week

Last year, Capcom released demos on the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 for Lost Planet 2 that focused mainly on the co-op experience.  Battling monstrous Akrid alongside your friends is one thing, but my hunger to shoot my friends grew with each passing day.  It looks like Capcom heard the rumblings in my belly as they’ve announced a multiplayer demo will be released soon.

A special sneak preview of the demo will release this week, but will only be available to members of Capcom’s community website, Capcom-Unity.  The demo will then be released publicly on April 21st on the Xbox 360 & April 22nd on the Playstation 3.  As an additional bonus, players who download and play the demo will receive immediate access to the Machine Gun SP.

If that wasn’t enough news, Capcom also announced Lost Planet 2 will be released on May 11th for both Xbox 360 & PS3 versions.  The PC version is also scheduled to release in Fall 2010.  So in the meantime, be sure to grab both the co-op & multiplayer demo because I plan to be playing a lot of both when Lost Planet 2 is released and I don’t take “This is my first time playing!” as an excuse, loser.

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