Madden 2009 Screens, Brett Favre return due to Cover?

Was Brett Favre’s decision to return influenced by his Madden 2009 Cover Photo?

As you may already heard, Brett Favre is trying to make a comeback.  He currently has not reported to any camp yet, including his former team the Green bay Packers.  The couple of teams that have shown interest are the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Since April 24th, when Brett was announced the new cover athlete for Madden 09, minor rumblings began about his return.  Could the video game football franchise have possibly influenced his return?  If he DOES play this upcoming year, I say it helped!  We have new screens of Madden 2009, and boy do they look good.  Here are some of the new features you can expect to see this year:

New Features

  • Madden IQ system: players train in a holographic environment, which grants them a “Madden IQ” based on their practice in 12 different drills. The game’s difficulty adjusts itself to the player’s Madden IQ.
  • EA Sports Backtrack: the game analyzes the player’s playing ability and points out mistakes during gameplay a la a television-styled telestrator
  • Improved online leagues: server-based leagues, supporting up to 32 players, with full schedules including the playoffs and the Super Bowl as well as draft and trade support. Schedules can be played in a round-robin style as well.
  • Revamped graphics: Improved stadium models, new weather particle system, new lighting models, new player models, field goal nets, improved sidelines, user-controlled celebrations, clear visors, new facemask designs, and Total Control animation system.
  • Improved gameplay: Offensive line slide protection, smart routes, realistic fatigue, improved gang tackles, true penalty based animations, formation substitutions, new fumble system (weather affects it), new player weapon types and the ability to return short field goals.
  • Revamped franchise mode: Simulated stats have been improved (e.g. fewer running backs gaining 2,000+ yards in one season), rivalry games have special value and played games have more crowd and television intensity.
  • On-demand picture-in-picture play-call window: Picture-in-picture style interface to allow the player to see key information and call plays and formations without leaving the current window.
  • New Dynamic Camera System: The new camera system moves with your receivers so they will never fall out of view during gameplay. The camera automatically pans out, zooms in, and adjusts angles to keep the receivers in screen. Once you complete that pass, if the ball carrier happens to break away from his defenders, the ActionCam will rock back and forth, zoom in and follow the ball carrier, giving you that intense feeling that you’re sprinting alongside him. And if a defender happens to really lay into the ball carrier, the Big Hit Camera will rattle the screen with the force of the crunch.
  • New Tackling Engine & Animations
  • New Running/Ball-Carrier Engine: total control system, new transition system, character grounding with foot-plant, new procedural animation system, realistic momentum, new locomotion system, improved visuals and animations, left and right stick moves, directional diving
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