MAG Public Beta Update 1.30, Kick/Vote Player Enabled

Ban Hammer

MAG = Massive Action Game.  By far the largest playing field of 256 players on one map.  That’s a lot of potato’s peeled.  Unfortunately, MAG has decided to enabled the feature to “vote/kick player” .  While I personally believe this will abused by players, developers needed some sort of ban hammer.  For those lucky enough to get a MAG PSN voucher, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be a massive update today.  The update (2681.67 MB) includes over 8,000 fixes and you can begin downloading them now.  The MAG Public Beta server will open at 10 AM PDT (1PM EDT).

Some of the patch highlights are:

  • Framerate improvements in all environments
  • Vote/ Kick implemented
  • Art and lighting updates to all levels
  • Art updates to weapons, vehicles and objects
  • Animation improvement and updates
  • Client patching improvements
  • Design tuning on all environments (attacker/defender, out of bounds, sightlines, routing…)
  • Tuned all skills (skill point expense, skill trees, skill effects)
  • Tuning pass on experience rewarded for all actions (resuscitate, heal other, destroy turret, destroy motor pool….)
  • Tuning pass on player & leadership experience progressions
  • Full audio tuning pass
  • Bunker, APC, and Spawn camera adjustments
  • Lowered initial spawn times for attackers and defenders for all gametypes
  • Update Major/Minor victory and loss percentages and conditions for all gametypes
  • Updated Domination gametype scoring values
  • Improved weapon feel and hit feedback

When you give others the choice of banning other players, you give too much power to the community.  You’ll soon see ban of players “suspected” of cheating.  Others who talk too much.  And finally those who plain suck.  Not fair!  If someone doesn’t like the game dealt to them, they should just fold.


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