Marvel vs Capcom: The Cosplay

Marvel vs Capcom 3 cosplayers


The wait is finally over, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is no available on the 2 major consoles Xbox360 and PS3. Not since Street Fighter IV, never has there been such a demand for a fighting game. With great hype and anticipation, Marvel vs Capcom 3 did not fail to deliver. An incredibly huge roster to please just about every fan boy/girl out there, is there any real surprise with the amount of cosplayers cosplaying as their favorite characters.  Well there shouldn’t be considering some of the characters in the game already brought with them their own fan base. But a game like this has definitely increased the cosplay popularity of other characters such as Hsien-Co(DarkStalkers), Haggar(Final Fight), and She Hulk(Marvel).

Being the smart cookies that they are, Marvel and Capcom used the cosplayers as a promotional tool for the game. Honestly what cosplayer doesn’t like getting their picture taken, especially if its used to not only promote themselves as artist, but to help promote the character(s) they love so much. Cosplays ranging from the simple to the more detailed, the variety of characters is almost never ending. Even though Marvel vs Capcom 3 has already established their roster for the game, that doesn’t cosplayers from reminding folks about other characters from the Marvel or Capcom universe that are not included in the game, or possibly that have not been made available via DLC. From conventions to Marvel vs Capcom 3 launch/release parties, the abundance of cosplayers showing their support only goes to show that cosplay is more than just people playing dress up. its about showing the same passion for something that the people over at Marvel and Capcom show when they create a game that is just proven to be phenomenal.

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Ana Aesthetic as Phoenix Riddle as X-23 DeadPool Dante

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