May the Force be with Soulcalibur IV, other Star Wars Characters coming?

If you don’t know by now, Darth Vader will be an exclusive character in SoulCalibur IV on the Playstation 3.  In an interview with the Director, Katsutoshi Sasaki, PlayStation.Blog allowed him to spill his Republic Credits on everything he knows about Darth Vader.

Release Date: July 29th, 2008

System: PS3 (with Vader), Xbox60 (with Yoda)

In working with LucasArts, they said they are eagerly anticipating their characters to be recreated in the Soulcalibur universe. They allowed us to create Vader relatively-freely. The trial and error process to build Vader is definitely a fond memory for all the Soulcalibur IV animators and game designers.

Another challenge that we encountered was how to implement the “Force” from the Star Wars universe. If we were to use the Force in gameplay, we had to make it as an absolute power just like the movie. However, if we didn’t set any limitations on it, the game’s balance would have been completely off. Ultimately, we created a Force gauge to put a limit on using the power. However, we felt players would be frustrated if they couldn’t use the Force on an empty gauge, so we are allowing them to use the Force but it will be counted as a penalty against their character. I think it was good compromise and can be used as a tactic.

The possibility of seeing additional Star Wars characters is possible, with PlayStation Network add-on’s.  Sasaki menion’s that LucasArts is “eagerly anticipatiting” their characters to be released, so could there be additional Star Wars playable characters?  I say, please add Watto!

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  1. The world officially began to end when Soul Calibur included Star Wars into the Soul Universe.

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