Meet me at Meetagamer.com!

shirt mag Meet me at Meetagamer.com!

I just stumbled upon this amazing site! With all the hype around facebook and myspace and other socialĀ  networking sites there aren’t too many if any geared toward gamers.

Meetagamer.com is just that , a social networking site geared specifically for gamers! Not only that, you can win prizes, write blogs and earn points! I know how much you guys love achievements! One thing that is hard for me to find are friends with like interests and Meet A Gamer does just that!

Have no one to play Halo 3 because everyone is playing Gears? Do not fear Meet A Gamer is here!

Lonely and your only friend is your joystick? Never fear Meet A Gamer is here to help you find a hot gamer date with her love of E.T. the game as much as you!

Side comment you guys I may be the only person in the universe to actually enjoy E.T. ! You know the game that basically made the video game empire collapse in the 80′s, that one!

Want some friends to play Street FighterIV with that will actually be competition for you? Never fear… you get the idea. Anyway it is a pretty cool site and I have a profile on there so add me and join. Whichever comes first!

pixel Meet me at Meetagamer.com!

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