MegaMan 9, Too Old School?

With the upcoming release of MegaMan 9 on the “Big 3” consoles, will the 2D style graphics hold up?

MegaMan 9 will be THE first game to join Nintendo’s Wiiware, Xbox’s Live Arcade and PlayStation 3’s PSN. With the processor, memory and video cards these consoles posses why did Capcom select to go with their 2D graphics? My guess is that retro gaming STILL sells. As much as developers are trying to create the next Mario or Sonic gamers love where there roots began… back in the day.

MegaMan has always been an 8-bit classic, so I bet their release of MegaMan 9 will have those “old-timers” cracking their knuckles and ready to show the new bloods how to game. Nintendo first showed up MegaMan on the NES, but where will MegaMan succeed? Will it be the underdeveloped Wii? The pay for service XBLA? Or the supercomputer PS3?

While you ponder on these questions, check out Capcom’s latest screens. I’m sure they’ll get you to reminisce the 90’s.

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4 responses to “MegaMan 9, Too Old School?”

  1. Siege says:

    Hmmmm… 360 or wii? I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get it for the Wii, as long as it doesn’t take up too much space, which I don’t think it will. The deciding factor here is the d pads. The Wii’s is pretty perfect, especially for old school games, but the 360’s is a little off.

  2. Will Snizek says:

    you do have a point about the 360’s d-pad being off. This is the reason I regret purchasing Bionic Commando: Rearmed for the XBLA. I should have purchased it for the PS3. Accurately using the bionic arm with the thumbstick is pretty much impossible, so you have to use the d pad.

  3. mzitt11 says:

    I can’t wait, this is a way for Nintendo to reach out to the “old” time gamers.

  4. jwebb says:

    I find the Wiimote the best controller for such retro games, particularly the old NES stuff, since it’s laid out like an NES controller.

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