Metal Gear Name Generator

Gray Fox, Solid Snake and Big Boss.  Wouldn’t you like you very own unique Metal Gear Name?  Check out this website, which tags you with a first and last name.  Mine happens to be Inebriated Beetle.  I guess that’s cool.  What’s your code name?

“Input your first and last name, and you’ll be given your code name for this mission. The first part of your code name describes your unique skill or personality, and the second part is your animal designation.”



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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Felonious Bass right here.


  2. Mine was “Affable Butterfly”, so don’t complain. What kind of mess is that?

  3. Haha my brother’s is Inebriated Beaver, so inebriated must = Perez.

  4. which brother? the OSS founder or the Ben Dover guy?

  5. haha, Ben Dover. Code name for Ben Dover is Hydrogen Poodle.

  6. Ancient Gorilla
    Take that poodle boy !

  7. C0M3T got Hydrogen Moose
    Zoarbce got Holy Hare
    Nuke got Licorice Cockroach
    And I re-did Will’s with William and it came up Licorice Man-O-War

  8. oh neat.. i like Licorice Man-O-War

  9. I’m Grandmaster Dragon. My gf is Hammer Panda. WTF?

  10. my name is cool* its iron scorpian but yet im like a girl but.. yea whatever

    its still cool lol :]

  11. could have been worse

  12. Mike Hawk will get you “Elderly Penguin”

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