Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophies Still A Possibility, says Konami


Winning numerous ‘Game of The Year’ awards in 2008 from top gaming outlets, it’s no reason why Metal Gear Solid 4 is still a hot game to own in 2009.  Konami has been a hot publisher of late releasing several MGO updates with the latest being SCENE.  One of our NEW faithful readers, erodz, sent us a question concerning MGS4 PS3 Trophies and why aren’t they available?

Many are saying Konami will look into the possibility of releasing updates for both MGS4 and MGO.  So I decided to reach out to Konami to get back an official statement.  In the interim, Brandon Laurino from Konami Online made this comment on the PlayStation Blog:

On the subject of MGS4/MGO trophies and Konami ID – we hear you. We have been circulating these issues internally, and we will report back as soon as we are able.

We’ve reached out to Konami, and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Eric!


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