Michael Vick Joins Eagles, NFL Madden 10 Obsolete

Michael Vick Madden

With breaking news of Michael Vick joining the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2 year deal what does that mean for the EA’s Madden franchise. The first year of the deal is for $1.6 million with an option for the second year at $5.2 million. Our question for EA is when will we expect to see Michael Vick on the active roster for Madden 10?


Last year, the Madden cover was considered a bust with Brett Favre on the cover only to be picked up by the New York Jets. Their fix? Allowing people to download the new cover art for Madden ’09 with Brett Favre wearing a NJ Jets Jersey.  When will we see a Vick “fix”?

So Michael Vick joining the Eagles already makes Madden ’10 obsolete and outdated. Luckily with DLC, and updated rosters they will surely incorporate Michael Vick but when? As a fan and player of the Madden series, I want my roster up-to-date and unless they act quick, I don’t see this update coming out until after the season begins.

Another question for you. Who thinks Michael Vick, the lawbreaker, should be activated in EA’s Madden 10? If you recall, I had an issue when Alex Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids was not punished by us, the gamers. Let the debates begin.

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. I’d assume that they would patch him in. It will be interesting to see what ratings he gets since no one really knows what football shape he is in. I also hate that he went to the Eagles, because I never thought I’d be an Eagles fan. I am glad he got a second chance. Vick isn’t the ruthless evil dude that the press and People Eating Tasty Animals wanted us to think he was. He made a mistake and paid dearly for it. I say let him do what he does best now.

  2. First off he did his time. That said, I am happy that he is back in the league and hopefully will make some kind of contribution to the game and team that he is on. Everyone is always a law abiding citizen until they break the law and want the rules bent for them. Kudos to Andy Reid for taking the challenge and not listening to the people who don’t know.

  3. The real question is if hes put in the game do they have a way to reflect the 6 games hes suspeded? or how about haynesworth with his year long suspension, will those reflect on the rosters?

  4. Or how about the fact that he hasn’t played in years. What will his stats look like. They should treat him like a rookie with lower stats, imo…

  5. “….with Brett Favre on the cover only to be picked up by the New York Jets. They’re fix? Allowing people to download the new cover art for Madden ‘09 with Brett Favre wearing a NJ Jets Jersey.”

    Terrible grammar. Its not ‘They’re fix’ (because that’s a contraction for ‘They are fix’) its ‘Their fix’.

  6. I wish he had gone to the Panthers, Philadelphia fans are the stupidest pieces of shit in the world. They booed Santa on Christmas. They’re a bunch of moronic retards who don’t deserve to have good teams because they don’t appreciate them. Screw Philly. Long Live Vick.

  7. As Philadel resident I can happily say 2 things…FIrst off Yay for Vick being back in Nfl cant wait to see how this plays out and 2nd Alex eff off homes not everyone from philly is like that and who the….you know what never mind your not even worth it…

  8. i’m glad vick is back in da league..as a giants fan i’m not thrilled about hime going to the eagles but the nfc east will be deathmatches all year.. i would hope the madden dev team would have seen this coming.. it’s been talked about for months.. they should have his ratings and likeness already created and this should be a quick update.. i would expect a release day update if that team is on the ball like they should be.. it’s not like his return is an absolute surprise.. don’t let us down m.a.d.d.e.n.

  9. Matt!!! Ur an idioit

  10. After what the Giants owner said and what the Falcons had to say about Vick, I hope the Eagles crush both teams this season. This is coming from someone who hated the Eagles for many years. I guess with Vick on the team now, I have to be an Eagles fan for at least a while.

  11. Is vick currently on the FA list in Madden 10?

  12. Did the writer of this article sound like a little kid or what? I want my roster blah blah blah……..STFU QUEERBAIT!!! Grow a set of nads, and just play the damn game.

  13. @Bob
    I think you sound like a little kid. I’m sorry, but real adults don’t use the word “QUEERBAIT”. Only children use such derogatory terms. Now head to Wal-Mart with your Mom to pick up some Back-To-School supplies. Might I suggest a Five Star notebook and Bic pens?

  14. Bob sounds like a douche to me.
    @Mike he’s not on the FA list. I just created my own version of Vick for now.

  15. @Alex
    You know what Alex, you’re seriously a dumbass about bringing up the whole “booing santa” bullshit. Like every single Eagles to this day was there doing it. I wasn’t even alive when that happen and I’m 20. Think before you say stupid shit.

  16. personally philly fans are ass just like the next fan.. obviously we kno not “every1” from philly is ruthless, cold hearted ass, theres aslo some harmless non threathen like livin ass’s like that philly fan that posted in here is. im a skins fan so im ready to lay the helmet on either mcnabb or vick.. romo or manning… who cares is ea puts vick in the game or not if u want him make em your self u lazy f**k!!! oh if readin the word f**k hurts your feelings than FUCK U!!! freedom of speech and go ahead and say nice language imma tell u thank you I learned from the best.. white people.. if u don’t like us sayin certain words u shouldn’t have taught us words like that and especially the word “nigga” who do u think was the 1st person to say it? back in the 60’s when they word niggga meant something nobody stood up and said shit.. now the words like nigga don’t mean nothing kno u want us to stop sayin.. I say nigga nigga nigga 50x times a day it makes my teeth white!!!!

  17. They are adding Vick! The dumb part though is that they are giving him a 73 overall rating. I highly doubt the Eagles would have signed him if his abilities declined that much. In some ways, I wonder if he’ll be better with a couple years of rest and healing.

  18. @Alex
    hey alex go fu** yourself long live the philly eagles dynasty baby

  19. he should have already been in the game. he was reinstated and a free agent before the game came out. im sure they were on some bullisht and didn’t put him in the game though. but the update will be out soon enough. they should put him on the cover!!! Gettem Mike!!

  20. anyone else agree that the replays dont usually auto play when its on? this needs patched. i like the game alot but the presentation can be quite skiddish<–spelling?

  21. I like soccor better than American Football. It’s just better.

  22. Whoever wrote this is a fucking idiot!

  23. Man, you really are impatient and negative…

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