Modern Warfare 2 Controversial Video, No Russian

Not a fan of spoilers? Then you may want to skip the above Modern Warfare 2 video that “everyones” talking about. In this highly controversial scene you’ll understand why most gamers who have seen and even played this level of MW2 are a bit traumatized.

“Call of Duty: World at War” began their opening scene with one of their bloodier scenes as you watched one of your fellow Americans’ throat slashed in front of your eyes. As his blood sprayed in the air, your life was spared after a successful rescue mission found you making your way through a Japanese village.

For those of you who watched the “No Russian” video above, did it disturb you? Would you prefer to skip this level of MW2? For me, the spoken accent in the elevator scene alone led me to believe what I thought was going to happen. Disturbing.

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