5 responses to “Modern Warfare 2 Controversial Video, No Russian”

  1. Nikolai

    What's disturbing? Looks fine to me. There are far other “disturbing” games out there.

  2. sandy

    I would buy it just for being able to do that . * thinks harder now about the game *

  3. JLB01

    I love games like this! Games that aren't afraid to offend anyone and go the extra mile and make you think, “Shit, and to think, this can really happen!” Infinity Ward was always a favorite developer of mine since Call of Duty 2, but they've definitely moved up to RockStar Games status! RockStar and Infinity Ward are my two highly respected game developers. They both make different games, though are alike with their ballsy styles!

  4. Reaperz

    In my opinion i dont like this it makes me feel a bit wierd for some odd reason. it would of been good if a normal person got out a RPG and blasted them through the head XD

  5. Epzo

    If it bothers people they can skip the mission so what's the big deal, anyways it helps the story and gives you a deeper understanding of the main antagonist.

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