Modern Warfare 2 on 360 vs PS3, Comparison Pics

Modern Warfare 2

PS3 on Left, 360 on Right

Happy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Day.  Or is it just, Happy Modern Warfare 2 Day, who cares what they’ve called it, just know that it’s out now at every major retailer.  Unless you got one from a local mom and pop store earlier than it’s 11.10.09 release date :(.  Now you may ask yourself, “I have both an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3.  What system should I buy it for?”  Looking at the screenshots may make or break your decision.

360 Reasons to Join
– Larger market for Call of Duty
– More user’s playing online
– Sub-HD 600p Quality
– Easier to join game with friends online

PS3 Reasons to Join
– Free PSN online gameplay
– Not as Hardcore Gamers online
– True 720p HD resolution
– Less bothersome players “rude”

If the features haven’t made up your mind yet, maybe the pics below will. Thanks to LensofTruth, they’ve dissected the two, PS3 vs 360, to show off the comparisons between the two.


PS3 on Left, 360 on Right


PS3 on Left, 360 on Right


PS3 Version


360 Version

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Readers Comments (22)

  1. On the 360 Reasons to Join list, you have “Sub-HD 600p Quality”, but to me all of the 360 screens look sharper & clearer than the PS3's “True 720p HD resolution”.

    Can you explain what you mean a little more fully?

  2. the 360 screens don't look sharper and clearer.. they just look darker.

  3. I think the brighter colors on 360 take away from the detail of the graphics making it a little cartoonish. PS3 stayed true to the fact of capturing the gameplay while keeping the graphic. Don't get me wrong 360 isn't bad but it is far from PS3. Take it from a guy who worked at making graphic designers happy fixing their copiers to ensure accuracy in their product reproduction.

  4. Sorry but I got to agree with Mark the 360 shots just look better. They are clearer sharper and more colourfull. The PS3 version has that typical dull washed look. At least I know that I would not bring my copier to you to get fixed.

  5. Granted a colorfull world works for YO GABBA GABBA but lets look at the soldier. PS3 looks more accurate while the 360 looks like he used too much self tanner. No one wants to fix your walmart copier i fix ones a lot more expensive. ones priced like cars. I take it you own a 360.

  6. Xbox 360 is the best console.

    Play Station 3 is a fucking shit

    360 rlz!

  7. Looks like we got ourselves a 360 fanboy who pays for more than its worth (I could honestly care less if u get facebook and netflix, thats what my computer is for.) You paid for what you got… A load of crap with HDD … Anyways… I have had the chance to see the game on both systems… I found that the 360 had a brighter color scheme compared to playstations. And while that may be better for some, it gave the game a cartoonish feel. Even on an HDtv, it played more like and episode of G.I. Joe than Call of Duty. Given the specs of both systems, and knowledge of proper color gradation, I'd have to say that Qrey-zee hit the nail on the head. It just felt and looks more real on PS3.

  8. Just nod your head in agreement.

  9. i believe this is attempt to push people into thinking 360 is a better picture and the fact is my ps3 does not look that dull in 1080P by any means and it is a 100 times better looking than these photos suggest. lets do some real work please

  10. How long are people like you going to argue this point. they both have positive advantages from each other. the fact of the matter is PS3 is ahead of its time and gets held back to stay competitive with the 360.(its better for the gaming industry)

  11. Josh, you made my panties wet

  12. Yes this comparison is stupid… what if you are looking at this site on a crappy monitor? PS3 is always better. People don’t seem to understand what a Blu-Ray disc is and what it’s capibilties are. XBOX still runs off dvds, and Playstation suffers because of this. They game developers can’t make the game look better on PS3 because they wouldn’t sell XBOX games. You should actually compare games that are made exclusivley for the PS3 and XBOX respectively. You will find there is no comparison (Metal Gear Solid took full advantage of this fact visually)

  13. @Kezins
    proof is always in the text.on that last photo comparison,the 56m is clearly sharper on the 360.the 360 version is using the new modern warefare2 high texture streaming engine.cod4 doesnt even look this sharp for the reason mentioned above.

  14. XBOX 360 is definitely better in those pics! thanks for the info 😀

  15. I have all three consoles one would be a fool to side with one console over another and miss out on great games then have opinions about games you’ve never played and look like a jackass on the web cause you don’t know what you’re talking about all systems have their pros and cons from my experience multiplat games run slightly better on 360 yes mw2 was developed in parrallel not ported over thats an old 2007 argument that does’nt apply to third party titles at this stage also 3rd party games are the system sellers this generation so why do people continue to flame over first party titles when they consistently rank far below third party titles in sales and reviews now the 360 has both the best controller ever and the crappiest d pad ever all in one ps3 has most intuitive d pad married to an obsolete controller with analog sticks in wierd places the humle wii has a web browser that makes my ps3 web browser look shit slow but i can run linux on my ps3 no other console can do that not the shit stripped ps3 slim either if you can find the pre 2008 ps3 fat by all means buy it it’s the best iteration of ps3 available this illustrates the fact that 360 sku’s have continued to get better and better while ps3 continues to get less and less capable with each price drop 3rd party titles do look mostly the same most however run at 60 fps on 360 and run 30fps on ps3 even some exclusives like killzone 2 run at 30fps to preserve visual fidelity so explosions are carefully scripted to avoid judder such is the case with both modern warfare titles facts are facts both systems run the same basic power pc core no the triple core nor the cell is some wonderful new tech innovation it’s marketing speak for buy my machine so i bought them all i love my ps3 for fighting and rpg titles as the d pad is absolutely intuitive on the same token the 360 has the best controller ever no more holding my thumbs at the bottom of the controller to find the analog and knocking my big knuckles together ouch. the d pad sucks ass though so its’ more suited to games that require split second reactions but sucks at fighting games so i bought tekken 6 for ps3 and mw2 for 360 there the best of both worlds it is a well known but little mentioned fact that 360 has a much better graphics card and twice the ram so some games will look better it’s not a matter of games getting ported over althuough that was true several years ago it’s more about a developers willingness to sink their own money into the games which sony will not pay back thats why exclusives made by guerrilla and naughty dog ect. look so great they are whooly owned subsidiarys of sony and have access to better dev kits than independent studios which should be obvious most studios would go bankrupt trying to optimise sony gear as these title are almost always behind schedule so in a nutshell 360=gaming machine ps3=multimedia hub with gaming capabilities online play 360 hands down worth every penny 4 bucks a month psn free but lacking in features and mike usage so flame me if you want i’m hoping for a better experience when i buy my new launch console which im sure will make the current ones look shit

  16. Graphics aside. I’ve got a PS3 and my sister has a 360. Her 360 has red ringed 4 times now and has had to send it in for repairs each time taking a month to send it in get it repaired and send it back. I’ve never had any problem with my PS3.

  17. how did you get two consoles on the same tv at the same time

  18. I would have liked to get the 360 ver. with the more vivid color which seems the sole reason why it would be better vs. the PS3’s duller pic. That is until you take into account that once you actually buy the XBOX360 ver, you have to cough up more money for the gold membership to get access to actually play online.

    I think I can stomach the “duller” PS3 visuals for the added cost of ~ABSOLUTELY NOTHING~.


    They don’t.

  19. the guy must have the brightness setting a little too high on the ps3 pic because iam playing the game now with the in game brightness level as it should be and it looks exactly the same as the xbox version . great blak levels shiny guns everyones happy no need for argument

  20. u Ps3 fanboys need to pt ur glasses on the 360 pics re more clearer and sharp and nice. I have both consoles but got 360 version after seeing this.

  21. Maybe the ps3 used in the above images isn’t set to full deep color input, as well as it’s brightness tweaked. It makes a HUGE difference. Both consoles are different beasts, and use different technology and different filters for display purposes. I’d say neither is “better,” just different.

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