Modern Warfare 2 Perk, 25 Kills gets you Tactical Nuke

We mentioned how MW2’s F.A.G.S video showed off Cole Hamels hatred for Grenade Spammers.  No one likes a spammer, but how about an abuser of power.  It seems that Modern Warfare 2 has a new perk after reaching 25 kills in a row without dying.  It’s called “Tactical Nuke” and not only does it obliterate everyone, but you also kill yourself.

Plot for MW2:

Modern Warfare 2 is set several years after the conclusion of Call of Duty 4. The radical Russian Ultranationalist organization has returned to prominence under the leadership of Vladimir Makarov, a former associate of Imran Zakhaev with his own ambitions. Makarov has publicized Zakhaev’s death as an act of martyrdom to garner support for his cause, enabling him to build a strong power base in Russia over the years. Fearful of Makarov’s growing influence, the global community established Task Force 141 to counter the threat posed by the resurgent Ultranationalists.

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  1. […] the 4 kill care package instead.  The highest killstreak reward is set to 25 and that is the Tactical Nuke.  Pretty much everyone including yourself dies <sigh>  Of course that means staying alive […]

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