Modern Warfare 3? Infinity Ward says “Something completely new”

Infinity Ward

The developers behind the Modern Warfare series may have made their last Call of Duty franchised FPS.  Infinity Ward has told a source at video game website, VG247, that it would like to work on “something completely new.”  Whether that “something” is in the same genre as a First Person Shooter, we don’t know yet.  Modern Warfare 3 looks like it may not happen…

We do know that Infinity Ward is creating a timed exclusive Downloadble Content for the Xbox 360 this spring.  Timed simply implies the 360 gets it first, then PS3 and PC to follow.  But what if the MW series comes to a halt and Infinty Ward goes AWOL?  Have the developed enough to keep MW and MW2 playing for years?  I say, with DLC, 4 new maps every 6 months will keep the game fresh and new.

I’ve followed the Call of Duty franchise since it’s inception into the FPS genre.  In the beginning, I thought EA’s Medal of Honorwas the more “detailed” of World War shooters.  With this news of Activision leaving, the door opens for other developers.  And it’s a door I’m sure they’ll be welcomed into, as long as they offer the same controls we’ve all be accustomed to.

Are new maps through DLC enough to keep you coming back for more Modern Warfare 2?


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80 responses to “Modern Warfare 3? Infinity Ward says “Something completely new””

  1. Ghost says:

    what skidz what are you talking about?

  2. Hunter Hovan says:

    When are they going to make NFL controllers for the PS3????????????????????

  3. Price says:

    They better friggen make at least an expansion via the Campaign, I won’t give any spoilers just in case, but damn them if they don’t!

  4. Kyle says:


    K so definitly considering that majorly epic cliffhanger of an ending leaves the open cause for Modern Warfare 3 cuz when Nikolai helps Price carry Soap to the chopper he says that they are most wanted men in the world and Nikolai’s last words are “dont worry i know a place…” like definite oppurtunity to continue the story on

  5. Disappointed says:

    yes most likely it would this may just be a publicity stunt

  6. Shaneater says:

    I want modern wafare 3. I do! I do! I do! I do!

  7. The Cr3w says:

    5 maps would be nice and maybe some new game modes… someting like nazi zombies…they should also create new guns… lastly the maps should cheaper

  8. Roberto says:

    The remaining members of TF 141 should go with Nikolai into Russia to fight alongside Kamarov and other former loyalists against Makarov. But it’d be covert so Soap, Price, Niko, and the rest would dress as Chinamen only to get ambushed in the forest, cuz of their bright red Chinamen gowns.

  9. person man says:

    when does mod 3 come out

  10. person man says:

    price give a spoiler

  11. Gaz says:

    I think they should make sure they get makarov in MW3 like when they have them awesome kills like Zakeav getting shot in the face or wherever and like a knife in the eye like that traitor general sheperd. They should make it really awesome

  12. billy says:

    they need to make a mw3 because at the end nikolia says he knows a place so maybe theyll link up with the americans not under shepards company(shadow company[the ones that betrayed everyone]) and theyll help the not mad with power americans in russia in the counter-attack on russia
    at the end one of the american soldiers says when are we goin to moscow and another says i dont know but i cant wait to burn it down so maybe price and soap will take on a new roll of helping the americans and they could explain what happened and how shepard went mad with power and at the end of the game its and all out world war against russia

  13. donteventrip says:

    yes yes mw3 should come out you want money
    we want the game .
    no noobers no mo. kills the fun

  14. jordan guay says:

    when does modern warfare 3 come out want it bad

  15. ghost says:

    if you go to
    call of duty modern warfare 3 is on up comming games

    it will be out 23 may 2011

  16. killer says:

    wow cant belive woods died in black ops:{

  17. elmexicano says:

    i want mw3, black ops suked ass

  18. Iben stillerI says:

    if they do make mw3, hopefully they make it at the same level of awesomness that mw1 was at when it came out

  19. Iben stillerI says:

    if they do make mw3, hopefully it will be the same level of awesomness mw1 was at when it came out

  20. Alice says:

    Man if Infinity ward doesn’t go through with this, I will be very upset. :((

  21. abaca says:

    First of all, no making new maps doesn’t keep the game fresh to everyone. You can only spread the same shit around and call it different things so many times. What I’d like to see as a gamer (opposing corporate greed, that is), would be first, give the team what they were promised. If they’re still being held at gunpoint by Kotick’s goons to make MW3, I’m not very likely to be buying it. Sure, put zombies in the game and it’ll please certain people, but it’s not original. Spec Opcs WAS original, arcade mode was original. Aspects from Blacklight: Tango Down were original. Don’t expect zombies from IW. If you rush the developers making the product, you get a watered-down version of what it’s full potential is. I have no doubt that IW will make an amazing game once again, but people have got to start saying no to the up-pricing of DLC, and cheap tactics like a black and white 8 page manual.

  22. quickscopE says:

    i really hope we can quickscope

  23. quickscopE says:

    and really hope we can get a nuke

  24. quickscopE says:

    anybody add me on psn pcpatriots1

  25. cornelius says:

    I came across this news that Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 11, 2011. 11/11/11 sounds like something activision would do, how often does that come around?

  26. Kezins says:

    Interesting link. I’m surprised they would try to release it on the same day as Skyrim though.

  27. iiXperia says:


  28. gjeff12 says:

    I really can’t see any company releasing a war game on November 11. At least not evereywhere. In Canada it’s Rememberance day, it’s like your Memorial day or Veterans day (sorry I’m not sure about all the American holidays)

  29. smthang says:

    @Shaneater actually mw3 has already started getting rlly bad reviews on…………… kinda sucks…but when black ops came out the reviews were excellent…thats the kind of impact black ops has

  30. K1NG says:

    Hopefully… MW3 keeps the same level of fun, good graphics, etc. as MW1 and MW2… and nothing like BLACK (FL)OPS

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