Modern Warfare 3? Infinity Ward says “Something completely new”

Infinity Ward

The developers behind the Modern Warfare series may have made their last Call of Duty franchised FPS.  Infinity Ward has told a source at video game website, VG247, that it would like to work on “something completely new.”  Whether that “something” is in the same genre as a First Person Shooter, we don’t know yet.  Modern Warfare 3 looks like it may not happen…

We do know that Infinity Ward is creating a timed exclusive Downloadble Content for the Xbox 360 this spring.  Timed simply implies the 360 gets it first, then PS3 and PC to follow.  But what if the MW series comes to a halt and Infinty Ward goes AWOL?  Have the developed enough to keep MW and MW2 playing for years?  I say, with DLC, 4 new maps every 6 months will keep the game fresh and new.

I’ve followed the Call of Duty franchise since it’s inception into the FPS genre.  In the beginning, I thought EA’s Medal of Honorwas the more “detailed” of World War shooters.  With this news of Activision leaving, the door opens for other developers.  And it’s a door I’m sure they’ll be welcomed into, as long as they offer the same controls we’ve all be accustomed to.

Are new maps through DLC enough to keep you coming back for more Modern Warfare 2?


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