Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3, Release Date Comparisons

Two of the biggest FPS’s will hit the market later this year.  Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.  Who will sell more copies?  Which title will be more controversial?  We’d like to dissect both franchises and explain which we’re most likely looking forward to and more importantly who will succeed over the other.  Modern Warfare currently has it’s issues and Battlefield announced it’s third game, but can both titles co-exists?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Modern Warfare 2. It’s what gelled the First Person shooter on the console. But “What If”? What if Battlefield 3 is better than Modern Warfare 3? Would you convert over from MW to BF? Many claim to be loyal to their shooters, but I love both franchises. I’d even throw Medal of Honor in this grouping but for this article I will keep it simple and debate BF3 and MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 has released many trailers leaving little to the imagination of what players can expect, the third time around.  Most of the main components of MW2 will make their way into MW3 mostly because of the departure of key Infinity Ward personnel.  But that won’t stop this gaming powerhouse.  Projected to break numbers set by MW2 in 2009, MW3 will be the biggest selling console game of all-time.  But is that a good thing?  Can gamers eventually grow tired of what is the same, year in and year out?  Here’s some brief details for MW3:

Modern Warfare 3 details:
– Key Infinity Ward personnel disbanded
– Assisted development from Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software
– Modern Warfare 2 broke the biggest day 1 sale video game (7 millions copies) surpassed 1 year later by Black Ops
– MW3 graphics similar to MW2 (as per our opinion)
– Call of Duty Elite; social service to compare stats, create videos etc.
– Release Date 11-08-11

EA CEO John Riccitiello stated that Battlefield 3 is aimed at competing with the Call of Duty series.  Recently, Battlefield 3 has been getting some news for the latest report revealing the resolution will be at 720p.  While I still believe the gameplay will not be affected by this, the fps bothers me a bit more.  Battlefield is a more complete game incorporating destructible environments.  Blowing up buildings is next gen and Battlefield is the franchise that does it the best.

Battlefield 3 details:
– Destructible environments
– Vehicles and Helicopters are operable
– Direct sequel to Battlefield 2
– Selling over 5 million, Battlefield is 2nd in FPS
– Will run in 720p, 30fps
– Release Date 10-25-11

If you had to jump on one game in 2011, which would it be?  Would you rather the consistent gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 or the adventurous battles within Battlefield 3?  Like I said before, Modern Warfare is a staple in the FPS market.  But many good things don’t adapt change, and MW3 might fall down that path.  They’ve always said they would keep online gaming “Free” but with the announcement of Call of Duty Elite, that may change.  Paying for new maps is understandable but to a limit.  At $15 a pop Activision is nearly surpassing the price of a new game with the 2 current and 1 planned Map Packs.  Battlefield will have an uphill climb, but if anyone can compete against MW3, it’s them.


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11 responses to “Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3, Release Date Comparisons”

  1. ike says:

    I’m pretty sure black ops set the new record. Also there was nothinng wrong with mw2’s graphics, the stuff that ruined the game was commando, noob toobs, oma, painkiller, caRe package glitch, javelin glitch, and the constant hacked lobbies with no support. I would be completely satisfied with mw2.5 as long as treyarch was in charge post release.

  2. CJ says:

    Your statements regarding FPS games, MW3 and BF3 are riddled with inaccuracies. Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009. I’ve played XBOX Live for almost 8 years with the same account dating back to the original XBOX. I’ve played every games console and owned everyone except PS3.
    For your information, the first ever FPS to “gel” FPS into an XBOX console was Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow released 2004. All following FPS games took a lot from Black Ops and Halo 2. Battlefield 3 is not the third installment of the Battlefield franchise. Call of Duty has had many many attempts at making a game and the franchise has never won market share until Infinity Ward released the fourth Call of Duty franchise attempt of gaining popularity. Ever since MW1 was released, the game on both sides of development has been a very small iteration. It’s these younger generations of gamers which really ‘tick’ me off, you see them writing inaccurate and poorly informed articles on websites and it bores me to death.
    Apologies for any grammar issues 🙂 I wrote this pretty quickly

  3. mrjuandrful says:

    Rainbow Six 3 can not be in the same sentence when talking about this generations FPS. If you would have mentioned Counter Strike, your argument would have been more valid.

    When I referred to Modern Warfare and Battlfield, I’m speaking directly about these two series. I understand that there have been “other” EA Battlefield-type games and Call of Duty titles. But I did not mention COD:WaW or Bad Company 2 for a reason. I’m sticking with the publisher and developer of each and critique their development of the series.

    I have adjusted the sales point on MW2.

  4. Jesse says:

    I think battlefield in gameplay and graphics is going to be better than mw3 but mw3 is a long waited game and is going to sell more than battlefield

  5. zombieslayer457 says:

    MW3 is going to rock battlefield,sure you guys get destructable envirments and oprationale vehicles,but C0D always has cool stuff in it like z0mbies or special ops and i know destructabe enviromeant=no camping but people will always find ways to sneak up on campers ans surpurise the s*** out of them.

  6. zombieslayer457 says:

    yeah i agree with jesse,battlefield might have slightly better graphics but comon MW2 had awsome graphics and ravensoft,sledgehammer and whats left of IW have tweaked the graphics and made it look a little better,and in terms of sales,the pre order was 2x more for MW3 than what it was for black i know MW3 will sell over 10 million copies

  7. zombieslayer457 says:

    127 days left until MW3

  8. zombieslayer457 says:

    they should be released at the same time

  9. Critter37 says:

    Is MWF3 going to be like MWF2 and require registration thru I bought a used copy of MWF2 and am unable to play it because the serial number was previously registered with Steam. This makes a secondary market for the game unavailable and if so, I will not buy it.There are people out there that cannot afford the 49 0r 59 dollar for the new game and have to buy in the secondary market.
    If the game cannot be played because of the
    Steam registration requirement those people are out of the market completely.

  10. Durand says:

    I have played call of duty W@W MW, MW2 & Black Ops. Having seen which way the cod series has gone EVERY time. Cheats glitches etc, i am not buying MW3. but instead giving BF3 my attention, this is due to the fact BBC2 was a brilliant game, if any i had 2 distinct dislikes. 1: couldnt go prone 2: the mechanics of character was like playing Pac Man on a hand held lcd game.
    And judging by the new engine looks of the game and fact you can go prone my moneys on BF3 to run CODinto the ground.
    And if it doesnt i will sell my xbox hang up the joy pad because there are to many money grabbing idiots in the industry, not to mention several games from several companys have put out games that shouldnt be on the shelf take black ops for intance with the way that game runs with no fix to date how is that money well spent ?
    Secondly EA’s shift 2 i wont even bother to list the issues.
    But to say i have better ways to waste my money 🙂 and that if you count the cost of downloadable content these days for what you get your almost paying double for a game you already bought and im about done with it.

  11. John Place says:

    I have been a gamer for thirty years. I have played Battlefield, COD, Halo, and many others. In my opinion, Halo is the all time greatest shooter ever made. The gameplay is smooth, has more game modes and customizable features than any other FPS to date. The problem with all shooters is that society today glamorizes cheating and using things like aimbot, God Mode, and the infamous lag switch. I am a member of Xbox Live and so are five other family members. I pay good money for the service and the games. Until someone steps up and keeps the cheaters out of these FPS games, the result will always be the same. What good is it to have a ranking system on any game, if half the people playing these games are cheating. The software developer that can keep the cheaters out will rise to the top and retain customers. After a year or so with any of these games, all you have left are stragglers still left playing and using cheats. Halo, for example…..There are an average of 120,000 players online currently compared to 1,500,000 when the game launched last September. Look at all the revenue lost because people quit playing because they couldn’t compete with cheaters. It just doesn’t make good business sense to me.I have four children and they know that cheating is wrong. Why are websites posted by the thousands already with cheat codes, even before these new games come out? What kind of message does that send to the youth today? AS for BF3 VS. MW3…it doesn’t really matter. The end result will be the same. After the cheaters take over, people will have moved on to a new game and another batch of the same old FPS will be released. The company that can keep the cheaters out would make millions. People are looking for a challenge on an even playing field, not a game where the best are decided by who is the best modder, or who has the best cheat codes.

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