Modnation Racers Releasing on May 25; Pre-Order Bonuses A-Plenty

PS3 owners, get your kart engines ready! Sony has announced the official release date for ModNation Racers: May 25th.  In ModNation Racers, players are able to create their own Kart racer, vehicle, and even tracks which they can share with other PSN users.

Along with the release date announcement, Sony has also disclosed what pre-order bonuses you’ll get if you pony up your $59.99 + tax early.

  • Gamespot: Kratos & his Kart of Chaos
  • Amazon: Ratchet or Clank
  • Best Buy: Nathan Drake & his Jungle Jeep

Sony also notes each pre-order will receive bonus mystery mod and kart packages as well as additional accessories that can further customize your karts.

If you’ve ever played Mario Kart and wished it had a little bit more Little Big Planet, then ModNation Racers is right up your alley.  The amount of customization available in ModNation Racers will keep anyone with an ounce of creativity busy for hours, while those with little creativity can just sit back and let others do the work for them.  Kind of like Little Big Planet all over again.

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