Most Popular Street Fighter IV Character Is…

It’s a fact. Street Fighter is one of the most famous fighter games around. Yes, Mortal Kombat and maybe Tekken can say they are well known too, but Street Fighter takes the prize. When most people think of SFIV they think Ken and Ryu (pronounced Rye-U). But which characters are most used. The site Shoryuken has compiled a list of the most to least used characters in Street Fighter IV. Numbers 2 and 3 kind of surprised me…

Not much surprise to many that Ryu took the top spot but his pal Ken slipped down to #12. M.Bison and Chun-Li round off the top three spots. It’s sad to see Dan finish in dead last. Sorry Danny boy!

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3 responses to “Most Popular Street Fighter IV Character Is…”

  1. hey says:

    It’s Ree-U not Rye-u!!!

  2. You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar.

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  3. I’m surprised Fei Long isn’t higher on the list.

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