MW2 Stimulus Package Out NOW for PS3, Double XP Enabled Too!

MW2 Stimulus Package

That’s right folks, Modern Warfare 2’s map pack, ‘Stimulus Package’ is now available on the PlayStation Store.  Once you purchase the $14.99 add-on for MW2 and jump online you’ll notice something new to your playlist.

If you look at the bottom left-hand corner you will notice two new playlists: Stimulus and Stimulus Hardcore.  These new maps: Bailout, Salvage, Storm, Crash and Overgrown will be the ONLY maps within these two playlists.  The catch is the game type will be random.  That means if you choose Stimulus, you may end up playing games like Team Death Match, Search and Destroy and HQ Pro.  In other words, you can’t select your gametype.  Suck it up!

Stimulus – This playlist will include all gametypes for 8-12 players and rotating through ONLY the new Stimulus Maps.

Stimulus Hardcore – This playlist will include Hardcore Ricochet Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Ricochet HQ Pro, Hardcore Ricochet Search and Destroy for 8-12 players and rotating through ONLY the new Stimulus Maps.

While these two playlists are reserved for those who download The Stimulus Package, the same day we’ll also be introducing an all new playlist for ALL Modern Warfare 2 players.

In addition to the new playlists, there’s a new game type: Team Tactical – 6-8 Players playing small team based games with Team Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag, and Demolition.  (First Person viewpoint).  This was a much needed gametype for players who want to mix it up but play along side their squadmates.  Expect to see clan tags assembled on one team and prepare to get killed a lot from us ehmm… I mean the other team.

For those looking to finally Prestige for the first time, or in my case fifth time, there will also be Double XP to celebrate the Stimulus Package.  So for every Team Death match kill instead of 100 points you’ll get 200 points to help you propel to the next rank.  The Double XP will last through the weekend so you have time to rank up, kill, and still have a Beer can chicken BBQ.

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