MW2 Trophy Bug on PS3, Fix coming ASAP

MW2 Patch

For those of you who picked up Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 today, know that the update required, 1.01, has disabled PS3 Trophies.  The developers, Infinity Ward, is aware of this issue and a patch is coming ASAP.

Fourtwozero write on his twitter the following:

“Thanks for the feedback from PS3 players we already have a patch in the wings for release. Trophy update asap. Party invite update by Friday”

The “Party Invite” he’s referring to, will be a feature to invite several of your PSN friends to play online together.  Those needing more info on that will just have to stay tuned until the patch hits the PSN.

No, those wondering about the PS3 MW2 fix.   Here’s what people are trying but not working.  Deleted update data. Started the game. Trophy list now visible. Started a new game. Still Not getting trophies.

Update 2: #MW2 PS3 Status: Patch Successful. Trophy unlocks now available in SP & Spec Ops. Adding MP servers to meet demand. (via @fourzerotwo)”

Update: MW2 Patch 1.02 has been released.  But some are still reporting problems logging into PSN. – Thanks DarthMazza!


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Readers Comments (33)

  1. Sweet update…Looking forward to it….Im a new fan of Infinity Ward, It used to be Zipper but they abandend us SOCOM heads.

  2. Patch 1.02 Should be out now.

  3. I'm glad to hear that, but scared you were up at that time to find out 😮

  4. The new patch is out, but ooooh WTF!, now we can't log on to PSN!

  5. yea its just done it on mine but the online is still down 🙁 not really wat u want wen u pay top prices…

  6. rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! day 2 and it's still not working – come on guys – you are losing us here……….we want to kill with our mates – timelines? approximations? anything to stop me challenging the server every half an hour!

  7. Still cant play online even with 1.02 patch??????

  8. can't get online AGAIN!! it seems to me they spent more time hyping up the game instead of making sure it worked properly, getting online with cod 4 was bad enough i thought at least they would have sorted it out 4 mw2, when you pay top money its not unreasonable to expect top results.

  9. its not letting me play online
    like… i click play online and it just stays on the “Connecting to Matchmaking”
    any help?

  10. yep,the psn is fucked up or somit, 1 can get on mw2,…we just have 2 fucking wait,..even though we have all spent a fortune on this game

  11. Well this fails big time, They should have kept the servers the same as Cod 4, not edit things that are already good..

  12. Please can we have a time anyone, I need to know whether to skip college tomorrow or not…

  13. wow if ur gonna skip collage cuz of a fucking game,..u got sum problams, games freak

  14. Yeah Juan haha, been doing overnights at work. Now I catch all that late breaking 3am news.

  15. Haha, Well u know, sit at College, Or play Mw2 Ummm hard choice :/

  16. hahaha erm NO!,….fucking games freak,…i bet ppl take the piss out of u

  17. JordanH19892843948329 November 11, 2009 @ 3:22 pm

    cal sucks dick big time :O

  18. shat up cal u c*nt ur prob a fat american m8

  19. shat up cal u c*nt ur prob a fat american m8

  20. See m8, wouldnt mess ith my boysss 😛

  21. Awww Pussy boy, Scared to reply.. haha.. Now whos got no mates…

  22. What in the fuck is up with Mw2 i get it and it fucks up like this i should burn it and play PacMan instead lmaooo

  23. 60 bucks is a fortune? If you guys remember MW1 had some online bugs to start.. It will get fixed, be patient

  24. how do i get the patch i played for 4hr yesterday and i was like looking forward to finishing school and it doesnt work it not fair and why doesnt it work reply pleassseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. i buy the game but cant play online to night, so much for havin a playstation3, x box is running fine

  26. omfg it beter work tomoz i was going to take it back today i thought it was the game lol but atleast my cod 4 works!!!!

  27. Psn will log in, however after logging in you cannot find games online. It freezes at the online screen searching for ranks or badges or something. Major problem, hasnt shifted for hours!!!

  28. Hey, I am pretty far into the veteran campaign, at the point where you fight in Washington, and I was wondering if I will be getting my trophies for the previous missions I did (since I stopped getting trophies after chasing Rojas). It would be very nice, and I wouldn't have to go back and do them over again.

    Very nicely put together by the way, the airport level had an interesting point of view.

  29. Seriously skipping classes for this?

  30. I played on Hardened and I did not get any trophies when I signed in post patch. So now I'm playing it on Veteran (on Veterans Day) in honor and also to get some upgraded trophies. /salute

  31. can anyone say when theyre gunna fix the invite system? i cant get into a party, whether i invite or try to accept sum1 elses invite it always says invalid

  32. have problems gettin into party is it fixxed ?

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