MW2 Trophy Bug on PS3, Fix coming ASAP

MW2 Patch

For those of you who picked up Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 today, know that the update required, 1.01, has disabled PS3 Trophies.  The developers, Infinity Ward, is aware of this issue and a patch is coming ASAP.

Fourtwozero write on his twitter the following:

“Thanks for the feedback from PS3 players we already have a patch in the wings for release. Trophy update asap. Party invite update by Friday”

The “Party Invite” he’s referring to, will be a feature to invite several of your PSN friends to play online together.  Those needing more info on that will just have to stay tuned until the patch hits the PSN.

No, those wondering about the PS3 MW2 fix.   Here’s what people are trying but not working.  Deleted update data. Started the game. Trophy list now visible. Started a new game. Still Not getting trophies.

Update 2: #MW2 PS3 Status: Patch Successful. Trophy unlocks now available in SP & Spec Ops. Adding MP servers to meet demand. (via @fourzerotwo)”

Update: MW2 Patch 1.02 has been released.  But some are still reporting problems logging into PSN. – Thanks DarthMazza!


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