New ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Skins And Where To Get Them

Batman: Arkham City is seeing a huge following and for the right reason.  Our review expressed our love of the combat fighting skilss and smooth gameplay with slow-motion finishing moves as an added bonus.  So to keep the hype alive, here are some skins you’ll be able to receive depending on the store you purchase them through.  If you’re looking into the collector’s Edition, you’ll see all of the skins above.  Details below…

This image is not an official screenshot from WB or RockSteady Games instead it’s fan art.  To me, it looks pretty damn good.

From Left to Right, here is each Batman skin labelled:

Batman Beyond: UK Gamestop or NZ’s MightyApe, no word on US distribution yet.
Dark Knight Returns: buy the collector’s edition
Batman Earth One: NZ’s MightyApe. No word on US distribution
70’s Batman: pre-order from Toys R Us or UK’s
Animated Series: pre-order from New Zealand’s MightyApe, no word on US distribution
Regular Batman: buy the game from anywhere or download it illegally


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