NEW BioShock 2 Screens, Big Daddy Appearance?


No one puts Baby in the corner

Here are the latest screens for BioShock 2.  What we can see from the images is apparent.  Or.. not really.  BioShock 2 will hit PC, PS3 and X360 this year.  Unlike movies, Video game sequels are the most requested form of media.  And for the most part they get better as the series increases.  I give you Call of Duty and Madden…

2K Games will surely need to stop with the teasers and drop us some hard evidence on what’s going on in these screenshots.  I’m confused.  Are we playing as Big Daddy?  Are we little girls?  What am I welding?  Enjoy the pics.

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  1. I didn’t play the first one but all my friends talked about how great it is. This ones seems to top the last one, and from what I see so far here and on their teaser site, it is definitely worth the pick up at least story wise.

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