8 responses to “New Call of Duty 4 Playlists coming real soon!”

  1. Carlos Macias

    I’m looking forward to Bare-bones. No more
    aiding the already-winning players! Good times.

  2. Juan Perez

    Bare-bones will be the most played on this list. they should have a no-guns playlist. Just knives… ew creepy!

  3. Carlos Macias

    They should! Might the knives have a laser-guided
    alternative fire?

  4. J. A.

    heck yeah james bond style nives only w/ one bullet in te blade

  5. Michael

    multi-bomb s&d will probably make for some quick matches…. bombs being planted at two locations at the same time….. not sure how long this will be fun for.

    instead of a variation of existing gametypes, its a shame that other types of gameplay wweren’t considered. imagine a sabotage game in which once you’ve successfully bombed a target, the other team lose the abilty to respawn (both teams would need to have bombs and targets for this to work) tactically it would really spice up the game with the last survivors desperately trying to level the playing field by bombing the opponents target too whilst contending with a never ending army of soldiers.

    Even a variation in which bombing targets didn’t end the game, but instead affected the game itself by removing a route through the map and preventing flanking.

    more tactics would have been nice. maybe treyarch can deliver the goods with World at War.

  6. HighFivesForGod

    Bare-Bones is where its at. No more camping to get all your kills so you can get helicopters.

  7. Will Snizek

    i despise campers

  8. HighFivesForGod

    Talked to some people about bare bones. One kid didn’t like the idea of now airstrikes or helicopters. He went 28 and 2 on Countdown. Most of his kills coming from the choppa and airstrikes. He told me to get on his level. Not sure what level hiding is, but it must be amazing.

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