NEW God Of War 3 Screenshots

[UPDATED] Well Folks, here they are. The first Official Screenshots of God Of War 3. We were able to get our hands on a few screens now, but know this, we will update this post with more screenshots if our server doesn’t blow up.  Click on the pics below to see them in TrueHD!

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. GoWIII will be THE tight.

    Yup, I said it.

  2. @Carlos Macias
    I’m glad I still have both God of Wars for PS2 laying around, I may have to crack them open again. Although I never REALLY put them away.

  3. I’m sure I’ll be replaying them closer
    to the third game’s launch. Don’t plan
    on getting rid of the first two games
    any time soon.

  4. I’m taking these images

  5. As an old school gamer, I must say one thing. I took about a decade off from playing video games. However, once I saw GOW, I quickly became a fan again. This game is like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heartclub Band to the Beatles, It’s MASTERPIECE! Can’t wait to play using my Neo Geo ASGC!

  6. you know GOW can also be Gears of War 😛

  7. How dare you confuse GOW with GOW!

  8. Bah !I do not like gears anyway! I am all about Halo!

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