NEW Guitar Hero World Tour Screens – PS3

PlayStation 3 just got a whole lot awesomer.  Check out the newest screens from Guitar Hero: World Tour!

Guitar Hero: World Tour is gonna be great. Heck with today’s news about Rock Band 2 not allowing Rock Band 1, we’re sick of all that confusion. We’re plain guys over here. We like our chicken cooked and our houses with windows. Call me cheesy! Check out all of the PS3’s latest GH: World Tour Screens below:


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. I was looking forward to getting the full bundle
    of World Tour with cool set of drums, but with
    recent news that it will pull songs down if they
    remotely resemble real songs…I’m really sk-
    eptical on the game.

    Especially when Rock Band has proven its-
    elf in provided gamers with a weekly dose of

  2. yeah, but can’t you see yourself rocking out with the ‘Prince of Darkness’ himself? Rock Band 2 lacks personality!

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