NEW ‘Heavy Rain’ Screens, Looks Very Wet


...shrimp ka-bob, shrimp scampi, shrimp a-la-mode...

Many have speculated that this game, Heavy Rain, will exhibit the true CPU power the PlayStation 3 has to offer.  With details and special attention focused on the graphics, only time will tell and these screens offer the evidence we need to prove those speculations.

Developed by Quantic Dreams, Heavy Rain will only be released for the PS3 in 2010. It’s a Psychological Mystery/Dark Thriller game that emphasizes on “everyone can play” mentality. By that they mean, the main character can die, the supporting actor can die.. pretty much anyone can die and you’ll still be able to control another character to continue gameplay.

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  6. I’ve been hearing a lot about this game for some time now and from the trailers and what I’ve heard about it from various sources, my reaction was that I wasn’t to fused about it, I mean, who wants a game entirely of QTE? I for one hate them. In the few months that Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno, Darksiders and GOW are coming out, I certainly had no room, nor the funds for this game.

    That was all of course, until I downloaded the demo. I like to play as many as I can, without them I probably wouldn’t have bought a lot of games in my collection like Mirror’s Edge, Uncharted, Arkham Asylum or Infamous. Heavy Rain has now made that list.

    Demo’s can of course be miss leading. I could hardly keep it together at the end of the Brutal Legend demo and we all know how that turned out.

    I applaud the developers for taking the risk on this and for Sony for publishing it. At the end of the demo, I was running to the net for a release date. This isn’t for everyone, I can totally appreciate that however, I would recommend at least playing the demo to everyone.

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