NEW MW2 ‘Resurgence Pack’ Screenshots

Here they are folks.  Infinity Wards’s latest DLC.  Just when you thought you were familiar with all of the Modern Warfare 2 maps, Activision drops another five (5) on you in their second batch of DLC called, Resurgence Pack.  Priced at $15, what you’ll see are two revamped maps and three new ones.  Details below…

Vacant and Strike are the two remade maps from Call of Duty 4 that will make this latest Map pack.  Trailer Park Carnival and Fuel are the tree (3) newest maps coming via DLC in the Resurgence Pack.  Although price has not been officially announced, you can bet the $15 price tag for these maps just like their first DLC.

Resurgence Pack:

    MW2 Carnival

    Carnival – A daytime map and a “decimated amusement park”, full of rides you’d tend to expect there like fun houses and rollercoasters.

    MW2 Fuel

    Fuel – a “sniper haven”, full of wide open space in an oil refinery and is “completely unique” from other maps in the Resurgence pack.

    MW2 Trailer Park

    Trailer Park – A super condensed map, cutting through abandoned trailers and is pretty much “a maze”.

    MW2 Strike

    Strike – A very fun and balanced map. Strike has a few nice sniping spots, in buildings and is generally a great place for medium to long range rifles.

    MW2 Vacant

Vacant – Vacant is a great interior map with half of the map mostly covered from airstrikes.

Expect these new maps to be released on June 4th on the Xbox 360 first. And as I was reminded, expect it to come to the PS3 around 30 – 35 days after. Oh the jealousy! This is the second DLC that was previously announced in E3 in 2009. Which also mentioned exclusive map packs for the 360. Some questions people would like to know are: 1. Will there be more MW2 DLC? 2. Will they also be exclusive like the previous two? We’ll let you know more once we gear it.

For now, 360 fans have new maps to look forward to while the PS3 gamers are still getting their feet wet with the ‘Stimulus package’.

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68 responses to “NEW MW2 ‘Resurgence Pack’ Screenshots”

  1. sean says:

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  2. Bloggersaregay says:

    i think that the wii graphics arent all that bad, and i dont mind moving my controller around either, its great exersise instead of sittling around like a couch potato, not to mention that the new mario galaxy game looks amazing

  3. Yul7367 says:

    xbox sucks. Why you going to hate on PS3 b/c you know that ps3 is way better!! The xbox breaks in a year or less b/c of the red ring. the only way the ps3 breaks is that ours overheats or you just don’t know how to handle it

  4. guest37 says:

    @daniel martinez
    ur an idiot i never said anything bad about ps3 get some glasses and a life u wuss.

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  6. hectic-shark says:

    Married with consoles are you serious? “real gamers plan in LIVE and get laid” how would you be able to do anything when all your money goes to their shitty online service. PSN has a seperate server for each game, so unline shitty live when 1 game goes down the whole system isn’t fucked. Enjoy your right hand, we all know thats what you meant by laid.

  7. hectic-shark says:

    Shawn Paul :
    PS3 sucks. I have the both systems and PSN is like the poorman’s Internet. You have to pay up to play in good servers. Sometimes Nobody is even playing online on the PS3 cause they 1. Didn’t know it can go online and 2. They have no clue what bluray is and DVD to them is good enough if you don’t wear glasses. Be like Al Bundy and just take a hammer to your PS3 and go to Live. Thank you.

    you don’t have to pay to play anything, you just buy the game. if you want to shit talk at least know what you’re talking about first, might be a good idea

  8. OpTic AgEnTz says:

    I feel the PS3 is better than the Xbox even though Xbox has some good stuff PS3 doesnt like earlier Maps or games but PS3 definitely is economical in saving money by not paying for certain things Xbox does…I in my opinion would recommend the PS3.

  9. Go Get A Job says:

    I don’t know why idiots always argue about which system is better. Do what I did and get a Job, buy both systems and reap the rewards each system gives to the gamer. I pay for Live, PSN is free, but severs are not as stable as Live. I’m stationed in Korea and they have the fastest Internet in the world. I transfer gigs per sec, not bits. lol. I work for the U.S. DoD. You don’t get laid for playing video games. You get laid for making a lot of money and having power. Now go out there soldier and get a REAL job instead of jacking off in your parent’s basement the whole day. Sheesh.

  10. Kezins says:

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  13. P.S I find that both Live and PSN servers run at the same speed at my house. No difference at all.

  14. Mark says:

    Dude the Xbox may not be as good as PS3… right now, but coming up they are releasing a new Xbox 360 console. Personally I know people ALWAYS say PS3 is better but I really do think Xbox 360 is more all purpose and easier to use than the PS3.

  15. xplosive151 says:

    ok so call of duty is the best game there is and there is a major drawback to xbox when playing it… you can only choose 3 different sensitivities on xbox and the highest sensitivity is equal to about half as high as you can go on PS3. any good call of duty player( or any first person shooter) knows that a higher sensitivity is an advantage. with this said xbox gamers would have a way harder time trying to play ps3 gamers which inturn makes ps3 gamers better and leaves xbox players in the dust…

  16. Mc Lovin 528 says:

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  18. jens says:

    I accually don”t agree. I have great internet and you don”t have to pay to play online

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