NEW MW2 Stimulus Package Screenshots

Modern Warfare 2 - Bailout


Look what we got here, the newest screenshots for Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package courtesy of Activision. To refresh your memory, there will be five (5) new maps. Bailout, Crash, Storm, Overgrown and Salvage. Come March 31st, Xbox 360 gamers will be the first to have the Stimulus Package available on Xbox LIVE first. With the PS3 seeing these new maps sometime next month.  Check out the rest of the Map  screenshots below…





You may find the pricing of these maps to be a bit excessive but Infinity Ward will be charging 1200 MSP and $15 for the PSN. I’ve stressed enough that Crash may be the 2nd best map within the Call of Duty Series from Modern Warfare 1 only behind Terminal which is featured in Modern Warfare 2. So the fact that they’re allowing the old maps to be playable on the new is worth the price. Believe me, Crash will not disappoint.

The new maps are Bailout (overrun apartment complex, wide map), Salvage (snow-covered junkyard, it’s a smaller map), and Storm (raining, abandoned warehouses). The remakes are from Call of Duty 4: Crash (urban environment with crashed helicopter in the central square) and Overgrown (dry river running through a village).

We’ve been covering a bunch of Modern Warfare 2 news lately, and only because the game is phenomenal. Fast paced First-person shooter has made this the fastest selling video game of all time. But do you feel Infinity Ward and Activision are going too far by charging consumers $15 for additional maps? $3 a map too much? What ever happened to FREE content? It is called a Stimulus Package, but the only thing Act/IW is stimulating is negative buzz for charging too much. After all they should be a bit more careful with Battlefield Bad Company 2 making some noise in the FPS market PLUS they WILL be offering Free maps later down the road. How do you feel?

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