43 responses to “NEW MW2 Stimulus Package Screenshots”

  1. Zyngaa

    Yea, I believe 15$ is a bit much for 5 maps, I mean, hell I payed 70$ for the game, and another 60$ for xbox live, that’s a lot just to play a game, but in the end it’s worth it, this game is KICK ASS, but I dont think Ill be buying the new maps, I have enough into the game already……….

  2. oH joshie

    this is really expensive like zyngaa said, we already have to pay 70$ for the game and 60$ for live. ps3 gets online gameplay for free. at the price that the maps are i wont be buying them.

  3. Chrisbrownbeatswomen

    True, maps are expensive, but i dont want to be the one thats has to keep backing out of lobbys because i havent got the lastest maps, plus the new maps look good. ill be buying despite the price

  4. ZITTY21

    These look great.
    This is well worth the price, this game is awesome.
    Tons of fun, and now the game will be even better.
    Believe me, this is coming from a cheap guy who is horrible at this game. LOL!
    Most people spend $15 on frigging Burger King, and the only thing you get out of that is a stomach ache and some quality time on the bowl. Spend the $$$ and I have no doubt that nobody will have regrets. I for one can not wait to get killed over and over and over again on all of these maps. Finally, If i can spend $15 on anything in my life that i enjoy doing, that will make it better, then i would sign up for it in a second.

  5. trounce

    This game is fucking awesome. Would you rather spend $15 on 2 Mcdonald meals, or would you rather buy the map pack where you can discover new maps and new strategies? This game is the best game ever to come out, and by the time everyone gets it, everyone will be talking about it. If you don’t get it, you’ll be the lonely sheep still playing the old MW2 maps while everyone else is on Overgrown and Crash (which IMO were the most fun maps in COD4)

  6. Dev

    I will be buying these 15 will be well worth it.

  7. cod god

    shut up your all gonna buy the maps anyways

    15 dollars is nothin you scrubs

  8. $$$$

    $15 is a lot considering only 3 are original maps. But I will buy because it’s the cool thing to do and everyone else is doing it.

  9. I B Meat

    Well Said!

  10. deucethegreat

    “I’ve stressed enough that Crash may be the 2nd best map within the Call of Duty Series from Modern Warfare 1 only behind Terminal which is featured in Modern Warfare 2″.

    I could not disagree with this more. I think Terminal is far and away one of the worst maps on MW2. However, to each his own. Nice screen caps and overall analysis.

  11. HeWhoDropsDeuce

    It’s BS for charging for maps that we’ve already paid for (most of us; CoD4). I can’t complain entirely because I will be purchasing it but I am a little ticked off that crash and overgrown are being paid for a second time. Blah!

  12. Rocky

    While not my favorite Call of Duty 4 maps, they are still awesome maps and aren’t the worst by far from that series. I just wish they could’ve brought back Backlot, District, or Strike. I can’t wait to pwn noobs on these new/old maps.

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  14. Jacob

    all you guys are gonna by the goddamn maps anyways.. and crash was never the 2nd best map of the Call of duty series not even a top 10 son.

  15. Tim

    I think adding new maps is an awesome idea. However, charging for add ons is bogus, especially after paying $60 for the game and $50 to play online. When is enough enough

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    […] Warfare 2 fans, today is the day.  Now available on XBox Live are the new MW2 maps, called “Stimulus Package”.  […]

  17. SFH

    the question is, what does the VIP access contains besides the old maps and shit ?


    they should’ve brought back atleast one more if not even 2 more of the old maps. but im still buyin the package. and i dnt know why every1 is complaining about the price, ya’ll spend more money on pointless things but dnt realise it

  19. Brandon B

    will here’s the deal! i have a PS3 but my bothers friend has an xbox, we got the maps last nite but it seems that you can only play random games with the stimulus pack, you can’t just select team deathmatch or free for all. they should have made a separate map selection where only the new maps can be played. example have a stimulus map selection click on it then it pulls up and the diffenet ways to play and select your choice of game play, not just ramdom. also the odds of a new map popping up would be wak cause there are only 5 new maps and alot of older maps, just doesnt work out that great! For 15 bucks there shold have made the game play selection a little better some people dont like to play certain games! i really hope PS3 makes it’s so we can select what game we want to play and and have a separtate stimulus map selection so we can just play the new maps! better yet and a selection where the new maps are include with the older one but still have the slimulus selection for the people who did buy the pack! other wise it should have been a demo, cause you can’t pick want you want to play!!

  20. Pyro

    Crash 2 nd overgrown 1 best map out of series and allthough mw2 awsome game they need 2 make it so tht the users can create servers with selected map and setings 2 make best game kz2 had the right idea mw2 needs follow tht set up of servers

  21. Nobody loves me

    u guys talk to much.

    i think mw2 is awesome the way it is and i have a ps3 where u get online play for free!


  22. Nobody loves me


  23. Nobody loves me

    if anyone owns a ps3 friend me, arod1353

  24. question?

    how can i do to buy the stimulus pack, for PS3, what are the steps to pay for it; in play station store? please somebody?

  25. Pyro

    I am ps3 2 but think way server is set up is wack 2many ppl use bullshit guns nd need be able turn weapons off and have maps which u like would just be better all round. PS3 owns, xbox needs maps month earlier get practice lol, needa make a game were the teams r the console u play on tht would be MINT

  26. !!!!!??????????

    Well…….lets c…. what can 15 dollars get you these days? a bag of cheap dog food or…a box of Durex condoms of any variety or… a ticket to a movie if you go by yourself like a loser or…a much appreciated donation to a van full of meth addicted street peddlers pretending they need gas money or…..yes acouple of meals at a fast food venue or……5 pulls with the max bet on a dollar slot machine unless you win one or more of those 5-then you got more pulls with that 15….. or…….a box and a half of some brass cased fmj ammo for your real AR-15 5.56NATO ….. or…..a quarter tank of gas….or…..1 or 2 items to ad to your cleaning supplies or………….a pack of TP at Sams club-almost….or…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..YOUR NEW MAPS FOR MODERN WARFARE 2!!!!!!!!! Now I know I don’t have to mention this but YOU MAGGOTS DO KNOW THAT THERE IS NOTHING ELSE IN YOUR LIVES AS IMPORTANT AS MODERN WARFARE 2!!! AFTER ALL WHAT ELSE IS THERE!!! WHAT!!! ANIMAL PORN! GIVE ME A F*^%IN BREAK SOLDIERS!!! IN ORDER TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE YOU HAVE TO FOCUS AND I MEAN FOCUS ON INCREASING YOUR SKILLS AND ABILITIES ON NOTHING OTHER THAN MODERN WARFARE 2!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I EVEN HAVE TO REMIND YOU TWIT BRAINS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS TO YOUR FUTURE!! IS SOMETHING FUNNY SOLDIER–YES I AM TALKING TO YOUUUUU!!! IF YOU WANT TO BE RICH, IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL, IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO LIKE YOU, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IF YOU WANT TO BE A HAPPY PERSON, then you take that measly 15 bucks out of wherever your hiding it, AND YOU GO OUT AND GET THOSE MAPS AND IF ANYONE TRIES TO STOP YOU–YOU KICK THEIR ASS!!!! IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GET THE NEW MAPS, THEN YOU CAN,T AFFORD NOT TO GET THEM. that’s how i feel about that……………wolfdad2 ps3

  27. question?

    yes jajaja thanks, but at the end of april what do I need to do to buy it, I mean,with cash?, with card?, I don´t know;
    can somebody help me for these?

  28. question?

    ALSO the maps of these stimulus pack are just for the online gaming?, or they are also for local multiplayer?

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    […] rolled into the Xbox 360 Stimulus Package will be ironed out.  We’ve posted pics of the maps here, so be sure to get to know them before you play them.  Also, Daniel reviewed the Stimulus Package […]

  30. Pyro

    U need card 2 get of Psn

  31. question?

    Pyro :
    U need card 2 get of Psn

    THANKSS,, you mean credit don´t you??

  32. question?

    question? :

    Pyro :
    U need card 2 get of Psn

    THANKSS,, you mean credit don´t you??

    and other question:

  33. Low_Ryd1

    For PS3 users, you can have up to 4 users including yourself on 1 account. That would only cost $3.00 a user!! Works for me!

  34. Pyro

    U will be able 2 use in lan i imagine nd yea credit card or visa

  35. ian smith

    i really want the map pack free cause i just got out of the hospital with cancer n im a kid but all i have is ps3 n mw2 n i just want the map pack code plz………thnkz alot……….my email is killboy03@gmail.com

  36. miguel sanchez

    yeah ok but how we can get it free via email or where we have to go so i can get it for free here its my psn: loscamgry@gmail.com

  37. James9653

    Well it’s nice they are adding maps to extend the life of the game, but $15 bucks. I am probably much older then the other posters, in my 30s, and I remember PC games like UNREAL Tournament and Counter-Strike that had a dedicated fan base that made and shared maps for free, and not just maps, weapons, skins and so on, thats a Map Pack! Now with console games leading the roll out over PC you have to pay to extend the life of your games! BS!

  38. Sparkie

    Great…So, um how am I suppose to ask my parents to let me get this when one of them is too rigid and the other wants me off it? Yeah, I think I’ll stick with trading in games to get one game, it’s the only way I can get anything game involving anyways. Either way, Bad Company 2 is soo much better, better graphics, more realistic, more maps and the maps are a lot bigger. It’s also more of a strategic kind, which is also better. I want the map packs but there is no way I can get them unless their free and I’m getting bored of mw2 so I’ve been playing Bad company and it’s more worth while.

  39. Jeff T

    @cod god

    Damn that’s funny!!

  40. chunky_b

    most of you already wasted money on xbox’s and live so $15 shouldn’t seem like to much to you all

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