Nightly Note: Like to hear what we sound like?

You’ve read our posts, seen our pics, now it’s time to hear us talk. We’re calling this piece “New England Clam Chatter”. Ok maybe not, what should these rants be called?

In tonight’s episode, Carlos and Juan talk LittleBigPlanet. LBP Beta Keys have been selling on ebay and craigslist, check out what they think…

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3 responses to “Nightly Note: Like to hear what we sound like?”

  1. Will Snizek says:

    I hope our readers never discover the fact that you and Carlos are actually cyborgs sent back in time to stop people from playing crappy games like World of Warcraft.

  2. Juan Perez says:

    nah, they only like the nice pictures we put up with the “mini-casts”. They have no idear!

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