NO PS3 Price Cut at Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany – SCEE spokesman Nick Caplin says “It’s not going to happen. If you’re coming for that you’ll be disappointed,” speaking about Sony PlayStation’s 3 price cut.

Those expecting for Sony to announce a price cut for the PS3 aren’t getting their wish this year. In Leipzig, on August 20-22, Europe’s Biggest Video Games Fair, many expected Sony to make this announcement of a price cut. With sales of the PS3 getting stronger in this year, the PS3 is no longer required to lower it’s prices. I mean Sony has already dropped their prices from the very high price of $599 for the 60gb system. One this writer picked up…

In the 12 months ending March 31, Sony sold 9.24 million units, below its initial estimates of 11 million sales.

Via Reuters

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