Official Fight Night Round 4 Heavyweight Roster + Screens


The time is here, and the heavyweight boxers have been announced for EA’s upcoming Fight Night Round 4 and has the screenshots worth checking out below.  Among the top Heavyweight fighters of all time, EA’s decision on selecting these guys is being well reserved, overall.  While FNR4 strategically left off one boxer who they will announce at a later date, the Heavyweight Roster seems legit.  Mike Tyson heads the class in this Roster of Hall of Fame boxers.  Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Eddie Chambers, Lennox Lewis and James Toney finish off the list in MY ranking order of Best boxer in his prime!  Mike Tyson’s final years were a disappointment but when he was on top, he was unstoppable.  I just hope they leave off Riddick Bowe in this game… Tyson never should have changed trainers!!!

  • Muhammad Ali — 61 Fights 56W – 5L – 0D – 37KO
  • Eddie Chambers — 35 Fights 34W – 1L – 0D – 18KO
  • George Foreman — 81 Fights 76W – 5L – 0D – 68KO
  • Joe Frazier — 37 Fights 32W – 4L – 1D – 27KO
  • Lennox Lewis — 44 Fights 41W – 2L – 1D – 32KO
  • James Toney — 82 Fights 71W – 6L – 3D – 2NC – 43KO
  • Mike Tyson — 58 Fights 50W – 6L – 3D – 2NC – 44KO

Using the boxers above, what is your ranking on “Best Heavyweight Boxer”?  I’d love to see your list, with reason of course…

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2 responses to “Official Fight Night Round 4 Heavyweight Roster + Screens”

  1. knight28 says:

    Not the biggest boxing fan, but I would definitely play this game.

  2. jordan says:

    i cant believe theres no david haye!

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