Official: “Where to get LittleBigPlanet Beta Codes?” Post (expired)

LittleBigPlanet, is all the rage these days with talks of 25,000 Beta Keys available.  So if you want to know where to get you LBP Beta keys, we’ll tell ya…

We’re listing the big sites here first.  If we get emails or tips on where and how many beta keys will pop up on smaller sites, I’ll list them here.

[List Updated Oct. 4th 10:15 AM EDT]

Game Informer – Undisclosed amount of Keys (expired)
1up – 2,000 keys (500 a day) (expired)
GamePro – 1,250 keys (expired)
GameSpot – 2,000 keys (expired)
G4’s X-Play – 2,000 keys (expired)
IGN UK – Undisclosed amount of keys (expired)
GameGirl – 5 keys (expired)
LittleBigPlanet – 1000 keys (expired) – 50 keys (expired)

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. I’d almost feel dirty getting a key from GameSpot, but I do understand they need incentives for people to visit since their news is shite.

  2. I’d reenact a scene with Annie and Daddy Warbucks for some keys… 😮

  3. Will you guys give out any?

  4. I agree with EfXSaint…. why don’t you guys have any to give away? Kotaku and PS3Fanboy don’t seem to have any either….and these are the three sites i get my news from…

  5. We actually asked Sony a while back for some and we were denied.

    “We can not facilitate your request at this time. Thanks again” is the actual response we got when we made the request. It’s kind of tricky sometimes getting things from companies. Sony is good to us when it comes to giving us access to PSN games for review though.

  6. @ Reygar, It looks like Molecule Media (makers of LBP) have handed out the 25,000 beta keys. We’re hoping there’s a couple keys left over, dirty keys that no one want. We’ll love to take em and hand em out.

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