Opie and Anthony in GTA IV

This morning exclusively on 92.3 K-Rock in New York, the infamous Lazlow visited our favorite shock jocks Opie and Anthony to discuss all the new features we all can expect to see on April 29th. This will be O&A’s 2nd appearance in the GTA series. In the game, they discussed how Opie is a 24 yr old, who’s not taken serious and Anthony is a 40 year old mobster with a great voice. Other cast members in the show are Steve, Danny, Jim Norton, Than and Big A. This morning they visited a Russian strip club named “Honkers”. Lazlow mentioned how there is an in-game internet which will allow you to search the web for news, blogs and the even have a crapslist (spoof on craigslist). He also said that the in-game news will be dependent on what missions you’ve taken. For instance, if you happen to blow up a warehouse in downtown Bronx you can bet your bottom dollar that will make the in-game internet news. If you have a psycho girlfriend in the game, expect to receive email from her too.

Jim Norton, who hasn’t played a video game since Asteroids, was very impressed with it’s graphics and Gameplay. He even mentioned how society as we know it would fail to exist when GTA IV is released. For those wondering, nudity will not be part of this game, you “Hot Coffee” lovers will have to go hack somewhere else.

NYC is known for everyone having a cell phone, well the folks at Rockstar happened to make that an important piece within the game. You will receive phone calls from missions to girlfriends and maybe those damn telemarketers. When you commit a crime pedestrians on the street will point you out to the law enforcements. Grand Theft Auto IV will indeed get the full sixaxis treatment on PS3. Get ready to bash innocent victims with a flick of your PS3 controller.

“This way Mr. Chappelle”

Be sure to check back here to see an in game screen of the O&A staff within Grand Theft Auto IV.

Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for Rockstar’s Social Club, where you will be able to track your in-game statistics.

Via 92.3 K-Rock

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