3 responses to “Oscar De La Hoya Retires, Will he appear in FNR4?”

  1. babylinda

    Aww he looks so sad and pensive in this picture! Sad he was one of the best and most adowable male boxers out there!

  2. knight28

    Every athlete reaches that point where they realize they got nothing left. Hell Farve had to have it pounded into him when he was on the jets.

  3. msgiggless

    he still is the d’ most adorable boxer of all time!!! but i gotta give it to my boy Manny “PACMAN” for beating him! woohoo!!! So if the rumor is true and he does end up in EA’s Fight Night Round 4, wouldn’t it be COOL to have pacquiao show up too? He’ll be the first flip boxer on the game! hehe

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