Overlord II, First Impressions

Codemasters® announces blockbuster Overlord sequel for the PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360, PC, plus exclusive extensions for Wii and Nintendo DS

The sequel to Overlord, Overlord II comes to the Wii, DS, and PS3 & X360.  Notice the ampersand?  That’s because the PS3 & X360 will be the same version of Overlord II.  While the Wii will be called Overlord Dark Legion, featuring minion control through Wii Remote movement.  And the DS version will be called Overlord Minions, a dedicated puzzle action title, for Nintendo DS.

“Epic battles, all new Minion play mechanics, a stunningly detailed new visuals and a fresh theme – Overlord II’s really packing a punch,” says Lennart Sas, director and Overlord lead at Triumph Studios. “We’re really excited about shifting the world to a new era where a Roman-inspired Empire rises as the arch-enemy of the Overlord, which leads to an epic clash between the regimented forces of a sprawling state and the faster, harder, more manic minion horde. It’s also great to see the series reaching new formats. The creativity being packed into the design for Overlord Dark Legend on Wii and Overlord Minions on Nintendo DS make great use of the platforms’ unique features and are perfect extensions to the Overlord series.”

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3 responses to “Overlord II, First Impressions”

  1. Will Snizek says:

    Overlord I was just a terrible experience. I thought it was one of the worst games I had played in a long time, but Overlord II actually looks promising.

  2. Juan Perez says:

    At first I thought those minions were annoying, then after a while they made me laugh! Those idiots!

  3. Old games says:

    man the graphics in this look SOO cool i luvs it

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