7 responses to “Pacquiao vs Hatton, Simulation Fight Breakdown”

  1. knight28

    You never know what can happen in that ring. I’m a bigger MMA fan, but I can never diss boxing.

  2. filipino-one

    this is ridiculous. hatton went down twice in the first round, and got knocked out 6 seconds to the end of round two. not even in a video game simulation will manny bow to hatton. hitman’s just been outmatched, outclassed, and outboxed. pacman win. british boxing fail.

  3. broseph

    hatton was on his back longer than he was on his feet. major props to pacquiao on an amazing performance. britsh boxing = overrated

  4. msgiggless

    I agree! Hatton is overrated! GOOOOOOO Pac-Man!!!!!!!! He’s d’ bomb!

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