PAIN: Hotel Coral Essex in Paradise

With PS3’s Summer Sale going on till July 31, I thought this was the perfect time to go ahead and buy me some PAIN for $4.99. With the additional add-on characters, I clearly understood PAIN’s sexual innuendo’s. I mean their Ninja character’s name in Hung-Lo, come one.

As I positioned the main character, Jarvis, into PAIN’s catapult I noticed the building in the distance located in the center of the screen. Watching “Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise”, I quickly realized the resemblance. It was obvious to me, that the level “Paindemonium” was set in Miami, Fl. Check out the rest of the pics below:

Ok, ok So I knocked out some letters, sue me!

First Impression: For $4.99, it’s a great buy on the PSN Summer Sale.  Full Review coming soon…

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