Play God of War and God of War II on God of War III


If the title above didn’t attract your attention this next sentence will.  Sony is asking you, the gamer, on whether you would like to see God of War I and II on a Blu-ray disc bundled in with God of War III.  Many of you without Backwards Compatible consoles truly have not experienced 2 of my top 10 PS2 Games of all time.  So it looks like SCEA may grant those requests.

Available through this link, please fill out this brief survey that Sony is conducting.  In it they ask from “most important” to “least important”, what would interest you in a God of War III collectors edition bundle.  While most Collector’s Edition come bundled with T-shirts and other sorts on forgettable nonsense.  Sony is giving the option to bundle in copies of God of War and God of War 2 on a Blu-ray disc.  So vote for the God of War 3 bundle and make sure you select: “God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc” as “most important”.  Do if for those who can’t play PS2 games on their PS3, or for a possible 720p upscale experience.  Maybe???

Oh yeah, and you’ll be rewarded with a God of War 3 Wallpaper.  Cooool!

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